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A+ course enhances your technical ability for support field. This course has become a necessity while being hired in a lot of big companies. This course will help you increase your knowledge and boost your career growth. We make sure you become a skillful IT professional with efficient knowledge in technical areas.

Course objective

  • This course develops the technical skills in students.
  • Increase job opportunities.
  • Develop good understanding of hardware, software and network.
  • To teach how to identify and then troubleshoot the problem.

Who can join this course?

This course is for anybody who wants to excel in the technical aspect. Students looking for international certification in this field can also join as a foundation course.


The students need to have basic knowledge on hardware, software, operating Windows and introductory knowledge of networks.

A Plus Course Syllabus

  • Personal Computer components
  • Operating System fundamentals
  • PC Technician Professional Practices
  • Installation and Configuration of Peripheral components
  • Installation and configuration system components
  •  Maintaining and Troubleshooting of peripheral components
  • Troubleshooting System Components
  • Installation and Configuration of Operating Systems
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Windows
  • Network Technologies
  • Installation and Management of Network Connections
  • Supporting Portable Computing Devices
  • Supporting Printers and Scanners
  • Personal Computer Security Concepts
  • Supporting Personal Computer Security

Scopes and opportunities

Becoming an A+ expert has been a huge boost for IT professional. The people with technical abilities and who can support are in high demand. A+ certification is a must in many big companies like Dell, Lenovo, etc. After taking this course, IT professionals can work as Technical Support expert, IT support administrator, Field Service Technician, etc.

Professionals who have special skills in this area have been earning between $29,290 to $96,553 in the US. However, the scope is broad in most countries of the world. In Nepal also, the scope for A+ certified technician is rising.


Roshan Manandhar

I took the A+ course from Training Nepal and I think this is a great way to make a step forward in my career. I developed strong understanding in technical ability and I can manage and resolve issues of system pretty well. I’d suggest this course in training Nepal who wants to become specialist in this sector.

Prakrit Sharma

A+ is a highly sought after course in the world right now. Most companies prefer individuals who have knowledge in this subject. Training Nepal was a great institute that helped me to get necessary skill in this area. The instructor was very good and supportive. The resources available were also good and I made full use of them. I suggest this course to all as the opportunity in this field is growing.

Binita Bhattarai

I joined Training Nepal in order to expand my knowledge in IT. I think A+ is a great course training Nepal is providing and the way they are providing is also noteworthy. A lot of students have been benefiting the way I did. IT technicians are wanted in all kinds of companies. So if you put a slight effort, you can make a successful career out of it.

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