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Learn mobile application development in Android course. Training delivered by experts at our computer training institute.

Android Training Nepal

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If you are seeking to learn Android application development course, then you can join our intensive Android training. We have been providing the best Android training in Nepal for students seeking to develop application in mobile platforms. The course curriculum has been developed by the team of experts and professionals working in this area. The course provides everything one needs to know about Android development in a step-by-step way. Therefore, this training program is suitable for beginners to start with.

Objective of Android course training

The major objective of the training is to make students able to develop their own Android application and make them self-renowned in the field of this competitive world of Android development. We also aim to produce new product with every individual so that we can take advantage of Android and its compatibility. 

Who can join Android application development course?

  • Java developers who want to learn developing applications using android APIs.
  • Programmers who are eager to learn android programming.
  • Mobile app developers who wish to use Android platform.
  • College graduates who are aspiring to start a career as an android developer.

Android Course Syllabus

  • Basic Concept of Java
  • Concept of Data base
  • Introduction to Android
  • Installing Software for Android Application Development
  • Setting up Environment
  • Manifest and xml files
  • Setting up Emulators
  • Forms Designing
  • Playing with Menus
  • Detail on Intents
  • Themes and Styles
  • SQLite
  • Adapters
  • Toast Message
  • Threads
  • Building Application

With the above course you will be able to develop your own Android application in the way you want. If you have different and bold logic you can develop a complete new app in the world of Android. The scope of Android is very huge and of course is spreading widely every day.  

How Android course training is conducted at our computer institute?

In the first module of Android training course, you will learn to set the Android development environment and install all the required plug-ins for eclipse. Initially the first thing you will do is set up an emulator and display Hello World program in it. Then in the next modules, you will learn to design User Interface by using buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, context menus, dialog boxes and other UI elements. Alongside, you will learn to structure projects. As the course progress, you will learn about Event Listeners, maps integration, data storing, debugging, etc. Finally you will develop Android application and learn how to publish them. We are running the best Android training in Nepal in-association with E-Prabidhi where we send our students for internship as well.

Reasons to select our computer institute for Android Training in Nepal

  • The android training course is designed and modified accordingly to cover all the recent trend and emerging android technology.
  • The instructors at Training Nepal are professionals working as android developer who have years of experience in the field.
  • The learning environment at training Nepal is friendly and supportive to those students who have problems understanding the concept.
  • There are job placement opportunities as well as internship programs for the students who have completed the course.

Learning Outcome from Android Training

After the completion of the android training the students will be able to:

  • Develop a fully functioning Android application.
  • Maintain and debug android application.
  • Understand and implement android APIs.
  • Use android storage techniques.

Scope and Opportunities after Android training

Android platform is known to have produced some of the brightest and talented developers who can develop small applications in a short period of time. The scope of an android developer is only limited by their own talent. Android development is providing a vast number of job opportunities in IT field. Soon software companies will be going head to head to secure the services of talented and skillful android programmer. Programmers can develop and upload applications on to Google play and get paid after the download.

According to recent statistic, the job openings in android platform have gone up 50% worldwide. The average starting salary for a beginner android developer in India ranges from Nrs. 24,000 to Nrs.  29,000 per month. Whereas, the average salary of an Android developer in USA is $100,000 per year.


Kamlesh moktan

The teachers were well prepared and understood if were having problems during the class. He was very professional while remaining cooperative. The training program was well developed to help students like us who are new to android programming.

Manish Manandhar

This training course was perfect for me. I came to this program having little knowledge on programming. I started from basic programming classes to java classes and eventually learned android programming.

Umesh Basnet

This course was very intensive and took considerable amount of effort to complete the course. The teachers at the institute were ever so helpful throughout the course period and helped us learn and evolve as a programmer.

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