Autocad Designing Course

Autocad Designing Course

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The AutoCAD certification shows your skill in designing models used in engineering and architectures. This certification is provided by AutoDesk, the creator of AutoCAD. This certification tests your analytical and logical ability to create designs in AutoCAD. This is especially beneficial to engineering students. In order to achieve this certification, one needs to pass the exam that consists of multiple choice questions. There are two levels of certification available.

  • AutoCAD certified users – This is the foundation level course for beginners where the students are taught about using AutoCAD. The students learn the functionality and operation of various tools and commands of the software.
  • AutoCAD certified professional – This is the professional level course for the experienced user. Here they learn the advanced designing and also collaborating AutoCAD with other software and make changes to use it according to their needs.

Course objectives

  • To make students familiar with AutCAD.
  • To make students able to use AutoCAD to make complex designs and save time.
  • To teach to use AutoCAD as a tool to accomplish their task.
  • To make students AutoDesk certified to be a recognized IT professional.

Who can join this course?

This course is especially designed for engineering students to become familiar with AutoCAD software that provides a tool to do their task. Students who want to make a career in design, technical and engineering fields are recommended to join this course. Also, people with desire to learn engineering software and design can learn this software as well.

Autocas Designing Course Syllabus

We teach our students the way they can get the most knowledge. However, here are the outline of the course we teach.

  • AutoCAD introduction
  • Complex objects design
  • System setups
  • Working layouts
  • CAD standards
  • Plotting
  • Drawing setups and utilities
  • Productivity using AutoCAD tools
  • Object types
  • Introduction to 3D
  • AutoCAD customization

Why this course at Training Nepal

AutoCAD helps to ease and increase the productivity of architecture and designing models by the help of software. We provide you the training which will maximize your productivity by saving time; students need not depend on scales, pencils, compass, etc anymore. We will teach you to use this software for technical purpose so that you can get more outcome by saving time and effort. We provide you the knowledge to run and be an expert in AutoCAD.

We have been giving this training to a lot of engineering students and we have been receiving positive feedbacks from them. Our experience in international certification can be a useful tool for you to begin your professional career. We provide you all the resources you need in order to excel in AutoCAD. We have an experienced instructor who will guide you until you acquire that skill to become expert in using AutoCAD. Our regular assignments and mock tests will make sure you’re gaining enough knowledge.

Scopes and Opportunities

This course provides a great opportunity to make effective designs and models. The use of software in architecture and engineering can broaden the scope for the students. When engineers with proper knowledge and skill learn to use the AutoCAD, there is a very high chance of them making a successful career. Professionals who took this course and certification have been found working in various jobs as commercial architect, residential architect, mechanical engineer, metal fabrication technicians and so on. The certification will increase the chance of getting hired over the non-certified individuals. Professionals who took this certification have been earning from $30,000 to $92,000 in the US as of 2015. The AutoCAD users have good opportunity all over the world.


Sangam Dhakal

I chose to take the AutoCAD training course in order to increase my ability to create design and models. It saved me a lot of time and the new ideas was easy to try. AutoCAD is a great tool. Training Nepal helped me build my skill. It has been helpful for my job.

Govinda Aryal

AutoCAD training has been a great tool to enhance my skill. The designing has been easier and more effective. I learnt to customize AutoCAD and use the features for my project. It has been very beneficial. Training Nepal has been very supportive esp my teacher. I am confident and looking forward for building other models as well. I suggest you to take this course.

Alina Shrestha

Joining Training Nepal to learn AutoCAD was a decision I am very proud of. Drawing and using physical means for designing was way too complicated and time consuming. AutoCAD helped me concentrate on creativity. I have learnt to use AutoCAD decently. I have a nice job now and I am happy with my work. I want to give my sincere thanks to Training Nepal.

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