Basic Computer Course

Basic Computer Course

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Computer technology is a major part of our everyday life. The benefits and importance of having computer education is unmatched in enhancing personal skills and performance. Training Nepal provides course on basic computer training to help you perform your job in a more accurate and precise manner.

The basic computer training course at training Nepal is designed to suit the individuals who have to work and operate with computers in their job or daily lives. To be well versed in using computer there are certain skills that must be learned. Whether, you are a professional, a house wife or just want to learn to use computer, this course will develop your understanding in computer technology and computer productivity.

What is the objective of the course?

The main objective of the basic computer training course is to make the students understand and learn the fundamentals of computer and develop their skills on computer operations. After the completion of the training course the students will be able to:

  • Understand basic operating system principles and operations.
  • Develop proficiency in typing and using mouse.
  • Use internet connections and connect to websites.
  • Be able to work on MS-Office package.
  • Use a file, save the file and find where the file is.
  • Be able to print documents.
  • Install and use various software applications.

Who can join the course?

As this training course is designed to target those individuals who have little to no knowledge about computer fundamentals, basically anyone can join the basic training course who wants to develop a understanding of computer fundamentals and develop their computer skills.

Basic Computer Course Syllabus

  • Fundamentals of computer
  • Using mouse and keyboards
  • Typing in English and Nepali
  • Windows
  • Files (open, save, edit and locate)
  • MS-Office package
  • Creating a PDF
  • Document compression
  • Using CD and DVD (reading and writing data)
  • Internet and Email concepts
  • Basic adobe package

How is the training course taught at the training nepal?

The teachers at training Nepal take practical methods to teach the course. The candidates will be provided and taught according to some well thought course content. The teachers will be using multimedia projectors and other visual aids. The class hours will be of two hours, the first hour will be used by the instructor to elaborate the topic and demonstrate on how to use the computers. The latter hour will be utilized by the students by practicing the things learned before. During the two hour period the student’s progress will be monitored by the teachers and guided accordingly. Class assignment will be assigned by the teachers to keep the student’s progress in check.

Why basic computer course at Training Nepal?

  • We provide quality training focused on enabling the candidates to be able to understand the fundamentals of computer basics.
  • The course contents are straightforward and are taught with visual aid.
  • Well qualified teachers who have plenty of experience in teaching.
  • Friendly learning environment with cooperative staff.

Scope and Opportunities

The completion of this training will not enable the students to find job prospects. Although, there are hardly any job openings in any discipline out in the market, that will hire a professional without basic computer knowledge. Every job openings in every level requires the candidates to have computer operability knowledge.

Having computer knowledge does not always have an employment wise advantage. Being educated computer technology can also help you in your day to day lives. Like you want to use MS-Word to complete your assignment or you want to use the internet to communicate with your family members who are in abroad or you want to order something online. It makes the daily operations simpler.


Pritishma shrestha

Some months back I applied for a job as a receptionist but did not get the job due to my lack of knowledge on MS- Office. After the training I applied for some more job and now working as a receptionist.

Smaran Karki

Before the training course I had no knowledge on how to use a computer, now I am writing this testimonial using the very skill I learned in the class.

Karuna tuladhar

It was hard to use the computer to communicate with my brother who lives in USA without help. After the completion of the course, I was able to initiate video chat with my brother without any help from anyone.

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