C Programming

C Programming

C is the basic programming language and is the one of the starting course to learn programming language. The course that we offer covers all the fundamentals to learn C programming language and makes you able to develop applications with the help of the C programming language.

C programming is very important and is regarded as backbone of every programming language. 

C Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to C, Constants, Variables and Data Types introduce C’s own rich sets of vocabulary, keyboards and basic syntax to begin writing some basic programs.

  • Operators and Expressions provides basic guidelines in order to implement known mathematical models to exquisite C programming.

  • Managing Input and Output operators provides details of formatted input and output that help to write ‘user-friendly C programs’.

  • Decision making and looping help write effective, short and precise C programs and delve deep into enigma of great programmers!

  • Arrays and its wide uses enable to handle subtleties of varied arrays and learn great ways to style your program with effective code snippets.

  • Character Arrays vs Strings help to absorb the diversity of C programming and handle strings and arrays more effectively.

  • User Defined Function helps to understand how real games are built by good programmers – tools to build your own function in C!

  • Structures and Unions Helps to learn how to group distinct data items in C and use whenever we want it in our programs – a step closer to master C programming.

  • Pointers are key concepts to effective programming in C and brief glance inside your PC’s memory

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation helps to understand prospective data structure usage and hidden reality behind great programmer’s skills.

  • Preprocessor Directives provides Uniqueness of C – helps to understand what it takes to write fast executing programs.

  • Summary: To cover left-out portions and provide students with additional materials to explore on their own in days ahead.

The above course syllabus covers the whole C programming language and you can develop your skill in the programming with this course as well as make yourself ready for next programming languages as this is the basic programming language. You can play with logic and make various application with the help of C programming language.

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