CodeIgniter Framework

CodeIgniter Framework

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If you are looking for a user friendly framework to create powerful web applications, this is the right course for you. CodeIgniter is a light weight yet powerful PHP framework that helps to create dynamic web sites. CodeIgniter is developed on the Model-View-Controller pattern where model operates database, controller operates business and application logic and view operates presentation part. This avoids the unparalleled operation of the developmental process. It’s high performance, uncomplicated solutions to problems and no strict coding rules makes it easy to learn.

Course Objective

  • To teach an easy and effective platform to create powerful websites.
  • To clarify the concept of MVC architecture.
  • To teach standardized method of writing codes.

Who can join this course?

This course has been designed for any individual who wants to make their career in advance web development. Developers who want to learn MVC concept or standard libraries are encouraged to take this course.


In order to learn codeigniter, one must have full grasp on PHP and object oriented concept. If you are not from an IT background, we can start you off from the beginners’ course itself.

Codeigniter Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to PHP framework and code igniter
  • MVC design pattern
  • Code Igniter Code Architecture
  • Installation and configuration.
  • URI Routing to custom URL
  • Working of Model, Views, Controller
  • Creation of Custom Library , Helper function
  • Using core template library for the template engine
  • Error Handling
  • CodeIgniter Sessions
  • Core helper function and libraries
  • Security
  • Caching
  • Autoloading resources

CodeIgniter at Training Nepal

Learning codeigniter in Training Nepal is a huge step forward in web development. We give our students full resources and guide to make them a proficient web developer. Our practical and student oriented teaching method has been a great advantage for our students. Some self-taught coders have problems in maintaining standard programming code. We help our students the resolve this issue and help them become a professional web developer. We help students build their own project side by side as well. Similarly, our regular tests and assignments also act as an important factor to increase knowledge in students.

Scopes and opportunities

After learning this course, you can be a professional web application developer. The skill you develop can find you jobs in most IT companies. Codeigniter specialist have been working in various job roles as Senior PHP Developer, Software developer, PHP programmer and so on. They have been earning on an average of $71,000 in the US depending on the job roles, experience and company position. The developers who are proficient in using codeIgniter have a wide range of opportunity worldwide.


Rudra Shrestha

CodeIgniter is a very good framework for learners. It is easy to use and highly effective. Taking this course from here was turning point in my career. I learnt about MVC and PHP in depth. I got a nice job as a result. I want to thank Training Nepal. I have been suggesting this course to all my friends.

Kshitij Khanal

I completed my bachelors and while I was applying for my master degree. I decided to join Training Nepal to learn and get experience in PHP framework. I joined codeigniter and I am happy that I did that. Now I have a job here in the US. The course was beneficial for me. Training Nepal provided me with all the necessary skills. I suggest you to take this course to improve your career.

Sumina Nepal

I have found that PHP is a very useful language to make a career in web development and having knowledge of a framework will lessen the complexity of the process. Codeigniter is an easy and user friendly framework. Learning this course in Training Nepal was a great idea. The instructor and resources available were really helpful. I suggest you to learn this framework to other PHP developers as well.

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