C Sharp Course

C Sharp Course

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Are you looking for a professional training institute with well qualified teachers inside Kathmandu valley to learn C sharp dot net (C#.NET)? Then look no further as training Nepal is the solution to your every need. We provide highly organized and adept C sharp training for individuals who want to be a C#.NET developer.

C#.NET course is designed with an aim to provide professional helping hand to those who are aspiring to learn the emphatic C# language. C# language program runs on .NET framework. C# is multipurpose and easy to learn language that uses Object oriented concepts which allow developers to develop robust and secure applications.

What is the objective of the course?

  • The students will have complete knowledge of C# programming and .NET technology.
  • The student will be able to develop application using C# language in .NET framework using object oriented principles.
  • The students will be able to store, extract and use data in database.
  • The students will be able to develop a graphical User Interface.

Who can join the course?

  • College graduates who are willing to pursue career in C# development.
  • Developers who want to change platform to .NET framework and C# language.
  • Programming Beginners who wish to learn C# language.
  • .NET developers who are willing to learn C# language.


Any candidate eager to join this training course must have a basic know-how of object oriented programming language preferably C++, as C# is based on C and C++ programming concepts. The candidates also must know the basics on .NET technology.

In the case, that the candidates are new at programming, OOP or .NET framework, the institute will provide the candidates with preliminary classes.

C Sharp Course Syllabus

C#.NET course overview:

  • Introduction to C#.NET
  • C# syntax and fundamentals
  • Variables and expression
  • Branching statements and Looping
  • OOP in C# (Class and object, inheritance, etc.)
  • Using .NET framework
  • Exception handling
  • Arrays
  • Creating Generic
  • Collection in C#
  • Error handling and Debugging
  • Introduction and implementation of LINQ
  • Threading in C#
  • Serialization
  • Localization and Globalization
  • Data access
  • XML (Concept and basic operations)
  • Windows Programming (basic form control and custom form control)
  • Graphics in windows (GDI+)
  • Crystal Reporting

Why C#.NET course at Training Nepal?

  • Qualified teachers who are experts with years of expertise as C#.NET developer.
  • Friendly learning environment and cooperative staff.
  • Well designed and coordinated C# syllabus that is updated to match the latest version and updates on .NET framework.
  • We provide Job based training, so after the course the candidates can get adjusted to working environment.
  • We have advanced computer lab facilitated with fast internet access.

Scope and Opportunities

Programmers with knowledge in C# have a wide scope and variety of jobs in windows environment and application development. Programmers who have knowledge of C# and .NET platform have a larger and wider range of career paths to work in. The C#.NET is a preference for developing a large enterprise level application.

The average salary of a C#.NET developer in USA is $65,664 per year according to recent statistics. While in India the average pay of C#.NET developer is Nrs. 473,560 per year.

The students after learning the C#.NET can seek to pursue any of these career paths:

  • Web Developer
  • Windows developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software analyst
  • MVC developer

Ganesh shahi

I got more than what I had expected from this class. The pace of the course and the teacher was perfect for us. The content of the course was well engineered and presented in the class for us.

Karna Gopali

I am really happy that I decided to join this training course; the training was very knowledgeable with excellent teachers. Now, I am confident and able to develop an application using C#.

Ashish singh

I am impressed with how the teachers presented and explained us the course content. The insight of the teachers is really deep on the subject matter and it can be clearly seen. I am now able to develop and create applications easily.

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