French Language

French Language

Want to learn French Language at Best Language Institute? If yes, then Training Nepal is the best language institute you can get in Kathmandu valley.

At Training Nepal, we offer a course of French Language which will enable you to speak and understand French language as if you were born french. During the course, we provide you comprehensive ideas and resources that will upgrade your french language skills in  the learning process. What makes us Training Nepal stand out from others in the market is the way we let our students practice the language using real life scenarios or simply adapting a more practical approach rather than the formal way of using French and this has been really helpful to our past students in their life ahead.

Why Learn French Language?

French is spoken by millions people around the world. It's a native language of France, but it's spoken by many in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, different parts of Africa, French Pacific Territories, USA, Belgium, etc. Thus due to a large majority of people speaking french around these parts of the world, learning french can be helpful while traveling to these countries.

Who can join this class?

The classes can be joined by beginners who want to communicate in French language.

Why French Language at Training Nepal ?

First and foremost, you should know that there are no shortcuts to learning a new language. It requires sincerity and patience to learn something that you are never used. There are, however, few techniques that will expedite your learning process.

  • In IT Training Nepal, we provide you various tips and ideas to practice French every day.
  • Students will learn various aspects of French languages like French Grammar and Vocabulary with a series of grammar lessons, grammar books, newsletters, online forums, etc.
  • We will provide various journals in French to improve readability. We encourage students to practice reading and writing on the forum. It is a place where students can ask questions and create discussion on various topics.
  • There are various lessons on speaking french and improving french pronunciation with audio and video presentations. We will also provide a series of sound files, audio magazines, transcripts and translations for improving listening.
  • Please visit our training institute to know more about learning French language.

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