GIS Course

GIS Course

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Mastering the GIS is a difficult task, looking for an institute to learn Geographic Information System (GIS) in Kathmandu valley? Training Nepal institute provides GIS training classes. GIS is an information system that manages and process geographic information. GIS has been gaining positive interest and has much wide field of application. GIS enables us to gather data, analyze it, interpret it and generate report to make the users understand patterns and relationships between different entities.

GIS basically facilitates in decision making regarding geographical issues. Geography matters in every industry and organization and GIS software helps to make a better decision and make a difference in the outcome.

What is the objective of the course?

The main objective of the training program is to enable the students to use GIS software.

  • The students will learn how to use GIS to generate information for geographical-decision making
  • Understand the limitations of using GIS.
  • The student will be able to make better geographic modelling decision
  • Gain practical knowledge of GIS software.

Who can join the course?

  • College graduates, who are eager to gain technical knowledge in addition to the education gained in the college.
  • Job seekers who wish to acquire specialized training to meet the current market trend and job requirement.
  • Managers who want to learn to use GIS to enable better decision making.
  • Business owners who want to minimize cost by implementing GIS software.


There are no prerequisites required to join GIS training.

GIS Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to GIS
  • Data Models
  • Data sources and Metadata
  • Geographic data
  • Vector Analysis techniques
  • Raster Analysis
  • Geographical statistics and Optimization Techniques
  • ArcGIS

Why GIS training course at Training Nepal?

There are only a handful of institute that provide GIS training course in Nepal. Training Nepal is a renowned institute among students who are opting to join fast track training course. Training Nepal has a staff of experienced professionals in using GIS who are well versed in the field of business and technology. We understand the advantages and importance of GIS software in different industries and thus have developed the course content to match the current market trend.

Training Nepal has flexible class hours to fit according to your need. The computer lab is spacious equipped with modern computers and fast internet connections. We also provide job oriented training to the candidates so as to prepare them for working in an office.

Scope and Opportunities

GIS is a broad concept that can be implemented in different technologies, fields and methods. GIS has a wide range of applications including in Business, Education, health, government, defense intelligence, transportation, agriculture and many more. Organizations are opting for using GIS as it has reduced cost by 10 to 30 percent. GIS career is present in every existing discipline. The average salary of GIS jobs ranges from $41,108 to $89,475 per year depending on the discipline and level. For any students looking for a career in GIS the job description can be :

  • Cartography
  • Database administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Project manager
  • Computer modelling
  • System administrator
  • Programming
  • GIS coordinator/ technician

Rajesh Ghimire

I would like to thank the instructor and his supporting staff at training Nepal. This course has changed the way I manage my business and excelled in some cases.

Sudesh Basyal

I am now working as an environmental consultant and this is a job that I had wanted to get for a long time and I always felt that I lacked something. After GIS training I applied for the job and got it right away.

Sarin Ghale

After the completion of civil engineering course I decided to get GIS training, I am pretty pleased that I got into this training program. This not only developed my technical skill but also now I have a impressive CV.

Rajesh Ghimire

I would like to thank the instructor and his supporting staff at training Nepal. This course has changed the way I manage my business and excelled in some cases.

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