Hibernate Framework

Hibernate Framework

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Are you searching for a professional training institute to join Hibernate Framework training within Kathmandu valley? If yes, then visit training Nepal institute at new baneshwor. We provide comprehensive training to candidates willing to learn Hibernate framework in Java.

This training is designed to provide candidates with skills to develop and configuring java web application using Hibernate Framework. Hibernate framework is an object relational mapping framework which provides query service that helps in effectively managing database. It is an interface between the application backend and the front end that facilitates in migrating data from one database to another.

What is the objective of the course?

The main objective of the course is to teach the students to develop a web based application using Hibernate framework in java. This course also aims to :

  • Help understand the students the challenges of mapping objects to relational databases.
  • Teach the architecture of hibernate.
  • Enable students to setup and configure hibernate framework for java projects.
  • Help students learn the HQL and how to retrieve objects.

Help the students learn how to map Java classes and object associations to relational database tables with Hibernate mapping files.

Who can join the course?

  • Java developers who are looking to implement Hibernate Framework to develop applications.
  • Developers who are looking to use Hibernate framework to query the database.
  • College graduates pursuing career in development of web application in java and hibernate framework.
  • Job seekers wishing to develop their skills in hibernate framework.


The candidates looking to join hibernate framework training course must have knowledge of core java programming language and using java web components. The candidates must possess the skills of implementing database and querying a database. If the students are not acquainted with the prerequisites preliminary classes will be provided to them

Hibernate Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Hibernate framework
  • Hibernate Query Language (HQL)
  • Persistent Objects
  • Mapping with annotation
  • Hibernate Mapping Association
  • Mapping inheritance
  • Hibernate API
  • Performance tuning and Optimization
  • Hibernate locking and mixing
  • Interceptors and events

Why Hibernate Framework training course at Training Nepal?

  • The teachers at training Nepal are highly experienced professionals with multiple years of experience working on hibernate framework.
  • The course curriculum developed is developed through careful research and covers the latest market trend and business practice.
  • We focus on preparing the students for the professional work environment by implementing job oriented training approach.
  • We provide students with computer facilities equipped with high speed internet connection.

Scope and Opportunities

Before the introduction of Hibernate Framework, there existed many technologies used for development but none of them have the features and database functionality provided by Hibernate. The mapping of databases that hibernate framework facilitates is the reason that hibernate is being popular in recent days. According to recent statistics the average salary of a hibernate framework in the USA is $71,665 per year and the average salary in the UK is 50,000 pounds per year.

The trainees after completing the training course can pursue career as a java developer, java programmer or as database programmer.


Romika Awale

The instructors at training Nepal are passionate about teaching and sharing their experience and knowledge among us. I would like to thank the staff at training Nepal for creating a cooperative learning environment for us.

Sagar Thapa

After completion of my bachelor’s degree, as a job seeker I found that Hibernate framework training course is really helpful for a potential java developer. It expands the job opportunities for me as a java developer.

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