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Ms Excel

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Searching the internet for professional MsExcel training in Nepal? If yes, you have landed on the right place. We are a professional training institute providing all forms of technical courses including Microsoft office course packages.

In this course student will be given knowledge on what excel is and the importance of excel in various field. Various ways to enter data and procedure to modify the data will be taught to the students during the training classes. Excel is one of the most powerful applications that is widely used in different types of organizations. This knowledge can be implemented in calculating and managing calculations of large data in companies. The certification can be benefited to develop. This course helps you gain necessary knowledge to use excel fluently.

Objectives of MS-Excel Training

  • To make students make various type of work book and print them.
  • To make students able to perform any type of the mathematical operation in the excel sheet.
  • Finally to make students able to use MS-Excel and its various functionality with ease.
  • To teach students how to manage number of data and represent them in charts.

Who can join this course?

Those who are interested to learn computer basic are encouraged to apply for this course. If you are new to computer and want to learn computer basic then feel free to join this course. This is also recommended to anyone who wants to start working in data analysis, calculations and creating charts. So not only beginners, managers, analysts, researchers and administrative staffs are also recommended to take this training.


There is no such prerequisites needed for this course. If you can use Windows, Training Nepal will help you with the rest.

How is the course taught at the institute?

Training Nepal is renowned for the practical and student oriented way of teaching. Our highly experienced instructor will help you every step to help you achieve your goal. We provide you all the materials –both hardware and software components. The class schedules are as preferred as students. Extra classes are provided to students who are confused about the matter. Regular assignments and class tests are taken. We teach you how MS-Access will be used in companies for work. We also prepare you for problems that might arise.

Why this course at Training Nepal?

MS-Excel is one of the most user-friendly applications. It helps to calculate a lot of data and analyze data effectively. This is used to provide entry level database Learning MS-Excel has found to be a very useful step in the foundation of using computers for work purpose. Thus, we help students to manage spreadsheet applications. MS-Excel is also freely available and it is easy to find reference and has strong online community.

It is beneficial to beginners of using computers for work. It will give foundation to learn further advance application. This is also a nice way to enhance your CV and broaden your knowledge. Hence, Training Nepal provides this course.

Learning Outcome

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop strong grasp on managing spreadsheet application.
  • A certification from Training Nepal
  • The skill that can work as a foundation to learn other similar application.

Manish Acharya

After I completed my SLC, I used that time to learn MS Excel here in Training Nepal. I had in depth understanding about Excel and it has been useful for my studies as well. Training Nepal is a great institute to improve yourself. I want to thank Training Nepal family who have been so supportive to me.

Subhadra Maya Shrestha

My work was to manage large number of data. Since the times are changing, the manual way has become outdated. So I was sent by my office here to learn Excel. It was very fruitful for me. I feel good about me and my work now. I am grateful to IT Training Nepal.

Sangeeta Shrestha

I was completely new in using Microsoft package. Joining IT training Nepal helped me how to manage large number of data and represent them in required format. Learning Excel turned to be fruitful for me.

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