Oracle Certified Professional OCP

Oracle Certified Professional OCP

Our computer institute offers Oracle Certification program in which the individual will be certified in Oracle and Sun Micro-system products and services. Oracle is a widely used technology in IT sector particularly with those that deal with databases. It is a performance based certification designed for administrators, programmers and developers. Oracle certification is provided to an individual after a successful completion of an exam conducted by Oracle University. The importance of Oracle certification is growing in the present day market.

Oracle Certification Program is divided into six levels

  • Oracle Certified Associate(OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Professional(OCP)
  • Oracle Certified Master(OCM)
  • Oracle Certified Expert Program(OCE)
  • Oracle Certified Specialist(OCS)

Objectives of this course

  • To make you able to become an Oracle Certified Professional.
  • To make you skillful to implement and run complex database systems.

Who can join Oracle Training Course?

Oracle Training course is for any individual who wants to get an international level IT certification. Career wise, software developers and professionals who work mainly with database can make a real deal out of this course. This certification has a number of areas you can get certified at.

The students aiming to excel in the following field are encouraged to take this course:

  • Associate - Build fundamental skills and knowledge
  • Professional – Build professional and technical skill to develop organizational database or software.
  • Master -  Build advanced level of skill, knowledge and ability
  • Expert - For competency in specific technologies, architectures or domains
  • Specialist -  For employees of current Oracle partners for foundation level certifications.

Since this course is database related, no basic programming knowledge is needed. However, basic knowledge of how database works will be beneficial.

How is the course taught at the institute?

At Training Nepal, the course is designed to emphasize the productive learning through which the students will be able to effectively and sufficiently develop the knowledge and skills along with the fundamentals concepts related to Oracle. Since the background of the students differ, we first make sure you have all the basic knowledge needed for the course and we fill your knowledge gap with the needed information.  Similarly, since not all students have the same pace to learn, we group them accordingly, and extra classes is managed to clear the confused area. We also conduct routine mock test to ensure that the students gear up for the certification exam. In addition, we have employed feedback system to access the quality of our training and ensure students get maximum learning environment at our institute. We are running this course in association with some reputed computer institute for the best Oracle training in Nepal.

Why Oracle certification course at Training Nepal?

Training Nepal is focused in developing the impact of Information Technology in Nepal. Providing the international certification, Training Nepal is aiding people to exhibit their knowledge gained in the form of certificates. Thus, getting certified through the oracle certification course ensures that students have gained the necessary skilsl and abilities to become an international level IT professional. What makes most student choose us is our experience on international certifications. We provide a number of IT certification courses and thus know how the test takers must be prepared in order to ace the exam. Moreover, Training Nepal also provides students with necessary practical knowledge related to the course. The class timings are flexible based on students preference. The classes are also provided with effective resources at Training Nepal. The nature of training needed to become an Oracle expert has been thoroughly studied by experts and hence its ready to be implemented on enthusiastic learners.

Learning outcome

At the completion of this course, the students can get the following benefits.

  • A raised salary
  • Increased performance
  • Practical understanding of the matter
  • Knowledge expansion
  • An international level of skill
  • Confidence to face critical problems in complex systems

Besides preparing you for the test, we also help you gain in depth knowledge about the subject. We help you apply the knowledge on practical applications. You will learn to perform complex activities through lab works, assignments test and practice sessions at our institute.

Scope and Opportunities

This certification can be helpful for career growth of the individuals. It gives an seeking employee the edge over the non-certified person. It also develops the skill to build and run systems efficiently. Thus after earning this certification, one becomes able to work in all the similar platforms in global IT industry.

The average salary of Oracle certified professionals in United States looks like this:

Job Description                                        Salary

Senior Database Administrator (DBA)         : $78,547 - $130,933 

Oracle Database Administrator (DBA)         : $64,925 - $124,868 

Database Administrator (DBA)                   : $58,447 - $112,893 

Software Engineer                                  : $48,485 - $120,805 

Database Administration (DBA) Manager     : $63,616 - $154,180

The above statistics shows the salary structure in the US. However, according to the survey conducted by Oracle, more than 80% of the Oracle certified individuals have reported a promotion, increased salary in their jobs or other career improvements worldwide. The growing IT industry in Nepal also looks promising to the Oracle certified professionals.


Rashil Thapa

I always wanted to have an international certificate but I was unaware that there was an institute who prepared fully for it. After I learned about it from my co-worker in my office, I joined Training Nepal immediately. Thanks to Training Nepal’s flexible course timing because I didn’t have to quit my job. The instructor, and resources were outstanding and I could reach my goal with practical knowledge as well. I would recommend Training Nepal for everyone willing to get globally recognized certification.

Sudha Jha

I am an IT student. During the final year of my college, I struggled to complete the final year project. I joined Training Nepal hence. They helped me fill the knowledge gap due to which completing the project was not an issue anymore. Then I decided to aim for Oracle Certification which was again helped by Training Nepal. From struggling student, I changed into an IT student with an international recognition. Training Nepal is indeed an excellent platform for those aiming to develop IT career.

Raghav Mishra

I am a java developer and I decided to have a firm grasp in Oracle. I decided to join Training Nepal with the hope of gaining knowledge in Oracle database and later learned about the certification course provided by Oracle. I decided to prepare for it which enhanced my skill side by side. I am completely satisfied with Training Nepal. I accomplished the certification also and my job is more efficient. I am thankful to Training Nepal.

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