Web Design Training

Advanced web design course with HTML5 and CSS3. Learn to develop responsive designs with media queries.

Web Design Training

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Are you looking for "Web designing training institute in Nepal?". Tell us your need, we will serve you with the best web designing training in Kathmandu. As an experienced educational provider, we will give our best services to fulfill your goals and objectives for learning website designing course. 

Objectives of Web Designing Training

Objective of web designing course training are as follows:

  • To learn to develop static websites using HTML and CSS, JS.
  • To learn photoshop tools and techniques.
  • To acquire knowledge on professional web designing 
  • To become adept in solving design issues while being a PHP programmer.

Who can join web designing course? 

  • College graduates who want to develop skills in Photoshop, HTML and CSS.
  • Students from non IT field who want to learn about web designing.
  • Programmers who want to learn about designing.
  • Web developers who are eager to learn about designing.
  • Candidates who have creative imagination and are willing to implement their skills in web designing.

Web designing Course Syllabus

Web Technology Course

This section will provide concepts on practical aspects of web development. It will also outline different kinds of tools and technologies, standards available for web development.

  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Characteristics of Websites
  • Differences between client and server technologies
  • Web Designer, Web Developer
  • Knowledge of Static and Dynamic Websites
  • Concept of Web 2.0.

Adobe Photoshop Course Syllabus

Photoshop is a widely used software for image manipulation. In website designing, Photoshop is used mostly for creating preliminary design mock-ups. Along with designing web pages, Photoshop is used to create print advertisement, brochures, gif animations and other.

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Knowledge of using various Photoshop tools like move tools, selection tools, quick selection tools, crop and slicing tools, pen tools, brushes, patterns, gradients, image manipulations tools and image adjustments, shape tools, marque tools, lasso tools . Working with layers, layer masking and layer clipping, blending options, filter effects, automation tools, grouping and smart objects.
  • Knowledge of Color Modes and Resolution options
  • Knowledge of various file types.
  • Knowledge of Designing logo, banners, brochure.
  • Real time website design with single background image and various backgrounds.
  • Text with various effects like word art, signage effects, 3d effects in text, glossy effects in text
  • Image into color mix photo. e.g comic image, artistic images.
  • Custom Icon Design, button designs, making symbols, apps icon design and various glossy buttons.

HTML Training Course Syllabus

You cannot click on the menu or link of the Photoshop mock-ups to get the web page reloaded again. You cannot write anything inside the text field, text area, search field of the Photoshop template. The output of Photoshop is an image file which are in .gif or .jpg or .png format. Photoshop just tells the client how the website would look. HTML provides the real experience of writing the value in a text field, clicking on the links and reloading the webpage. HTML provides a structure and presentation to the web document.

  • Introduction to HTML tags
  • Creating headings and titles
  • Organizing content in Paragraph
  • Use of line break, pre tags and span tags
  • Adding links to the website
  • Displaying image inside the web document.
  • Creating a bullet or numbered list.
  • Form tags and various form tags used inside forms like select tag, input tag, text area, file upload, radio buttons, check box, submit and radio buttons.
  • Layout using table tag.
  • Tag used for SEO like meta tags.
  • Table less design using Div tags.
  • Head tag and tags used within head tags.
  • Frame tag and iframe tag.

XHTML Training Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to XHTML basics
  • Introduction to Doc types, XHTML validation

HTML5 Training Course Syllabus

HTML5 extends syntactic features and markup tags that HTML and XHTML provided for presenting and structuring web documents. It adds new tags for presenting multimedia content.

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Features of HTML5
  • HTML 5 Doc type
  • New Structure Tags like section, nav, article, aside, header, footer, audio and video tags, media tags, date, number, URL ,range, tel, email, placeholder, field validation.
  • New Form tags

CSS and CSS3 Training Course

CSS provides styles and layout to HTML elements and tags or say html document. It plays with color, size and other attributes that makes a website design. The main objective of learning CSS and HTML is to convert the Photoshop design into static design, i.e PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion.

  • Introduction to Cascading Style sheets
  • Use of various CSS properties
  • Background and background styles., block, list, border, positioning, color, font, z-index.
  • Use of Various text styles
  • Use of inline, internal and external Style sheets.
  • Designing a Horizontal, vertical menu system.
  • Knowledge of various CSS Selectors like type selector, class selector, id selector, child selector, universal selector, nesting of selectors, attribute selector.
  • Knowledge of CSS Optimization and writing comprehensive CSS.
  • Knowledge of CSS3 and its Properties.
  • CSS3 rounded Corners, gradients, background properties, opacity properties, transition effects
  • Border images, shadows

JavaScript Course Syllabus

HTML presents and structures a static page content but JavaScript adds dynamic effects to a static page and make it more interactive. JavaScript code is triggered based on the events on HTML tags. JavaScript loads on client browser and controls the content displayed on the client.

  • Introduction to Java Script.
  • Printing output with JavaScript
  • JavaScript variable, operators
  • JavaScript Loops and Conditions (If else, switch, while, for)
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Using JavaScript Functions like getElementById and other.
  • JS Popup Boxes (Alert, Prompt, Confirm)
  • JavaScript Events based on html elements like Onload, Onchange, Onsubmit, OnFocus, Onblur, Onclick, Ondbclick, onmouseover etc.
  • Slide Show with JavaScript
  • Integrating Drop down menu with JavaScript.
  • Integrating Date and Calendar scripts in website.
  • Using various useful scripts in websites.
  • Using form validation.

JQuery Course

JQuery is the modern form of web animation. JQuery library is used to display images with special and animated effects. It helps in creating more interactive user interface. Though flash is traditionally used for creating animations, JQuery animations has several advantages like cross browser compatibility, quick changes and modification to images, no recompilation problem, SEO compatibility, small size and quick loading time.

  • Integrating different forms of image sliders and image rotators
  • Drop down Menus and sliding menus
  • Tabbed Panels, expandable and collapsible panels
  • Popups and Tool-tips

SEO Tools and Techniques

Though your website has a very good appearance, it is useless unless it reaches your potential clients. Therefore, a website must be designed adhering to guidelines for SEO.

  • SEO Concepts
  • Importance of Search Engine Optimization
  • On-page Optimization Techniques.

How is Web Designing course taught at the institute? 

Designing mainly depends on the imagination and the creativity of the students, the teacher is present there to only guide the student through technical matters. The class runs for two hours daily for two months and within this timeframe students will learn how to use designing tools like Photoshop. This web designing training course will provide in depth knowledge to the students about web designing layout. The teacher will guide to increase the student’s proficiency while using the designing tools and operating the software. In this training course the students will be taught from the beginning about HTML and CSS, creating a Photoshop Layout and also about converting a Photoshop design to a HTML format and gradually adding plugins to the site. Continuous evaluation and periodic feedback helps us to keep ourselves ahead in the race among institutes for the best web designing training in Nepal. 

Why to choose us as Web Design institute in Kathmandu

  • Alongside being a professional web design institute in Kathmandu, Nepal; we specialize in providing Job oriented training services in all the IT courses we teach at our computer training institute. 
  • Highly customized courses syllabus that covers all the aspects of web technology.
  • Experience trainers working as professional web designers in different software development companies in Nepal.
  • Project work and internship are provided to harness student skills in real time web designing field.

Web Designing Course Outcome

After completion of the web designing training, students will be able to demonstrate technical skills a web designer should possess. They should be able to design beautiful, elegant and professional looking websites that compliance to W3C Standards. Students should also be able to gather client requirement and create a design specification followed by preliminary design mock-ups.

Scope and Opportunities

The demand of a skilled web designer is rising in the market as the need for more responsive and attractive web page is increasing. In web development world, the requirement for a better looking design sells the idea of the web page to the users. The knowledge of designing with framework is a bonus for a designer. After the completion of the training the trainees can choose to follow any of the following major career paths:

  • Web Graphics Designer
  • Web Designer 
  • Multimedia Designer 
  • User Interface Designer
  • Front-end / Back-end Designer
  • Freelancer as web designer

The average salary of a web designer in India is Nrs. 311,000 per year and an average web designer earns $44,684 per year in the USA.


Ayesha Shrestha

Training Nepal is a phenomenal institute. The teacher really took his time to explain what the software could do and how to do it. Every time I had an idea he showed me how to implement it into the Photoshop design.

Rupesh Karki

I could not be happier of my choice of learning web designing at training Nepal. The teacher was highly patient to teach us the basics of web designing from the scratch.

Nilima gurung

Attractive web design is a crucial factor for developing a successful web site and I wanted to learn web designing. I cherish my experience during the training course, I learned a lot and now working on the design on my website.

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