Yii Framework

Yii Framework

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Yii Framework introduction

If you are looking for a powerful framework, for web development, Yii course is the solution to your problem. Yii is an open source PHP framework that supports rapid web development. This framework is well known for its ability to write DRY codes, manage security and MVC based design technique. It is more stable, time tested and decent error handling capacity. Due to these features, Yii is popular among web developers around the world.

Course Objective

  • To provide a platform to develop advanced application.
  • To save time and effort to create high performance web applications.
  • To create job opportunities.

Who can join the course?

Yii course is recommended to aspiring web developers who wants to create effective web application in less time. This course is suited for students and recent graduates. People who want to get into IT in web development can also join.


This course requires strong knowledge in PHP and object oriented programming. Student also need to have good understanding in database, HTML and CSS.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Testdriving with Yii
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Overall Design
  • Initial Prototyping
  • Setting Up Database
  • Scaffolding
  • Authenticating User
  • Summary
  • Post Management
  • Customizing Post Model
  • Creating and Updating Posts
  • Displaying Posts
  • Managing Posts
  • Comment Management
  • Customizing Comment Model
  • Creating and Displaying Comments
  • Managing Comments
  • Portlets
  • Creating User Menu Portlet
  • Creating Tag Cloud Portlet
  • Creating Recent Comments Portlet
  • Final Work
  • Beautifying URLs
  • Logging Errors
  • Final Tune-up and Deployment
  • Future Enhancements


Yii in Training Nepal

PHP is a powerful tool to create web application but without proper framework, it is a bit challenging and time consuming to do so. Training Nepal is giving out the Yii framework course so that web development becomes quick and fun task for developers. We teach our students with a practical approach. We provide job based training to our students. During this course, students will create a number of websites in Yii itself. We have a good instructor with years of experience in PHP frameworks. Our resources and labs will be available to students throughout the day. We give extra classes and regular mock test to keep the learning process on the right track. All these make Training Nepal a home for learners.

Scope and Opportunities

Yii is often regarded as the best MVC framework in PHP. The web developers who use Yii are able to create powerful applications and thus there are highly in demand. Developing powerful application in less time is a highly beneficial skill and being a specialist in Yii takes you far in career progress. Yii is widely used as a main tool for web development in most companies. People who learn this skill work in different job roles like Software developer, Yii developer, Senior Web Developer, etc. They have been earning an average of $81,000 in US depending on the job, experience and company. The opportunity for Yii lies all over the world. There are many companies using Yii work here in Nepal as well


Dipesh Ojha

I joined the Yii course here after my college and it was a great a way to expand my knowledge. I not only cleared up my knowledge of basic PHP but also learned to make websites using Yii. Now I have a nice job and more importantly good at my work. Training Nepal is a great institute and recommend this place for everyone who wants to develop a career in IT.

Madan Gautam

Yii framework is a great tool to increase your knowledge and become a productive web application developer. Training Nepal is a good institute. The teacher was good and supportive. The resources and equipment here are also good. I suggest you to take this course here as well.

Sunita Gurung

I joined Yii course at Training Nepal after I completed my bachelors. I gained full knowledge in PHP. Making applications in basic PHP was a bit complex task but when I learned Yii, I was able to make more websites with less complexity. Training Nepal was a great medium to help me boost my career.

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