A-level Entrance Exam Preparation

A-Level Entrance Exam Preparation

A-Level Entrance Exam Preparation also known as GCE A-levels (General Certificate of Education Advanced Levels) is based on the Cambridge University. It is different from the education system in Nepal based on the HSEB board. This course focuses on GCE A-Levels which are generally studied by students for two years after their secondary level. So this is a course that assists students to study A-levels in their second academic level and get an in-depth idea of A-levels.

A-Levels are approved and recognised by many universities and the holder of the qualification can freely pursue their university or college degree without any hindrance. The course is getting popular among the students who have passed their secondary level. The courses in the A-level are updated with time, which aids students in getting a contemporary education. A-level course duration is for 2 years.

Taking an A-Level Entrance Exam is not an easy task. It requires relatively more hard work and techniques in order to pass the exam. This is where our expertise might come in handy.  The instructor at our institute has years of experience in teaching A-level students and hence can furnish you with the tips and tricks to attend the exam confidently. Further, you will also be provided with the information regarding the exam pattern and timings.

Following are the scopes covered by Training Nepal during your A-Level Entrance Exam Preparation:

For Science

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • General paper (English)

For Business and Humanities

  • Accounting
  • Business studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • GP

Besides, Training Nepal also has +2 bridge course for the students who aspire to accomplish their higher secondary level through HSEB board.



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