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Advanced Joomla Training Nepal

Are you having the problem choosing a professional it institute inside Kathmandu valley to undertake advanced Joomla training course? Then training Nepal is the solution to your problem. Training Nepal provides advanced Joomla training course taught by Joomla experts and professional working in software companies.

Advanced Joomla training is designed for candidates who wish to concentrate on designing and coding for the development of the website and want to be proficient in all the customizable functionality and aspects of Joomla. This course will facilitate programmers to develop and customize Joomla templates and modules. Thus, this course will provide programmers concept for developing any kind of applications using Joomla.

Who Can Join the Course?

  • Programmers willing to develop the website under Joomla cms.
  • Web developer wanting to learn to develop the website using the customizable cms.
  • Joomla developer eager to learn how to develop and customize Joomla modules and templates.
  • Web designers who want to implement custom designs and template on their websites.

Pre-requisites: Advanced Joomla Training Course

Advanced Joomla training requires that students have the knowledge of following things.

  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery
  • Knowledge of PHP and SQL programming
  • Knowledge of object-oriented PHP and model view controller
  • Joomla administration or knowledge of using Joomla

Advanced Joomla Training Course Syllabus

Joomla Template Integration, Template Customization, and Joomla Template Development

Most of the Joomla templates that are freely available does not match our requirement. We often want to design our own template with the desired layout and structure. But the problem is that we don’t know how to use our custom design with Joomla.

  • Structure of Joomla template
  • Creating basic template
  • Adding module position in Joomla template
  • Using CSS and modifying styles

Module Customization, Joomla Module Development

This section of training is focused on customizing Joomla module to fit our requirement. In case if the freely available Joomla module does not fulfil our requirement, we develop the module with the desired functionality.

Joomla Database Programming

This is the most advanced form of Joomla training where we teach how to customize Joomla components, enhance components look and feels and develop components based on user requirement. Therefore, this section concentrates on Joomla architecture and database programming with Joomla.

  • Joomla component enhancement
  • Component customization
  • Component development

Other Advanced Concepts in Joomla

Along with the customization issues, there are advanced topics in Joomla which are required to manage Joomla built website.

  • Programming and packaging extensions
  • User management
  • Manual backups and automated processes
  • Security and protecting your Joomla website

How is the Course Taught at the Institute?

The instructors at Training Nepal are well qualified and have experience on working on Joomla and also have plenty of teaching experience. The course time frame will depend on the ability to understand the topics by the students. The normal time frame will be extended to further support the learning process of the students. The computer lab is available to the students who want to practically implement the topics learned in the class.

The students are divided into groups of students who possess similar skill sets and are taught accordingly. The course can also be taught in a fast track where the course is completed in a few weeks else the course would normally take about a month to complete. The students will have ample interaction time with the instructor; the instructor will also provide valuable suggestions and tips to the students that will help the student in the real-world scenario.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

  • The instructors at training Nepal are seasoned professionals in Joomla platform with experience in developing websites and applications.
  • The advanced training course of Joomla focuses on covering all the recent emerging trends in Joomla.
  • The lab is spacious with modern computers and equipped with high-speed internet connection.
  • Internships are available for trainees after the completion of the course.
  • The institute focuses on providing job oriented training which further assists the students in adapting to the work environment.

Learning Outcome

After the completion of the training course of advanced Joomla, trainees will be proficient in developing a highly customizable web application with excellent content management. The student will develop and customize templates and layout according to requirement. The student will be able to start any web development project after the completion of the course.

Scope and Opportunities

Web developers who have to ability to customize and develop templates and modules in Joomla are in very high demand in the market as most companies are opting for the development of customizable, dynamic and real-time websites and applications. Joomla is one of the most used web development platform used in designing large web applications and real-time websites. Template developer in  Joomla is more are in high demand by many software companies. Developer with advanced Joomla training earns on average 42% more. Students who have completed the training course can seek out careers as:

  • Web developer
  • Front end and back end developer
  • Web designer
  • Joomla developer
  • Template developer

Training Nepal has also been conducting training of WordPress to the students who are interested in advanced WordPress CMS.




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