ASP.NET & C Sharp Course

ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming

Welcome to our institute where you can get the best ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming course in Nepal. We are a professional computer institute providing job oriented training in Kathmandu. The ASP .NET and C sharp course teaches how to develop, implement and maintain customized web-based application using visual C Sharp as the preferred programming language.

The objective of Joining the ASP.NET Training Course

Our main objective of teaching this course is to:

  • Provide students with the knowledge of the hierarchical set of class libraries and components of ASP .NET
  • Understanding the idea of system architecture, database architecture and application model of a real-time application

Who Can Join the Course?

Following are the eligible candidates for the ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming:

  • College students wanting to complete their final year project using .net technology.
  • College students who do not have time for the online course of and want to learn from professionals.
  • College graduates with a bachelor’s degree in IT subject (BIM, BSc.CSIT, BIT, BE.IT, BCA etc.), who are aiming to kick-start their career as an ASP developer.
  • Candidates from the non-it background who want a career as asp developer.
  • Programmers who want to expand their expertise in .net development.

Prerequisites: ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming

The candidates willing to study programming must have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and SQL concept. The candidate must also possess the basic knowledge of object-oriented programming principles and concepts. If the above-mentioned requirements are not present with the candidates, the institute will provide the necessary classes required for the candidate to acquire the programming concepts. The course also covers other programming languages like HTML, VB, C# and SQL.

The course is intended for beginners who want to learn along with C Sharp. Along with the course, we teach HTML, CSS, javascript. The first section of training provides knowledge in C Sharp programming. After the students get familiar with C Sharp, we teach the concept of HTML and CSS where students will learn to design and customize template layout. The reason for teaching HTML and CSS is because web application should have a good design as well. So it is an advantage to have the good knowledge of HTML and CSS. UI design in is also greatly simplified using visual studio framework.

ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming Course Syllabus

C Sharp programming Course Syllabus

  • Writing the first program in C Sharp
  • Printing hello world program in C Sharp

Flow Control and Conditional Branching

  • If, if else, if else if statement
  • Switch statement
  • Break and continue statement


  • Do while looping
  • Looping using while loop
  • Looping using for loop
  • Looping using foreach loop

Concepts of Array

  • The concept of a one-dimensional array, a two-dimensional array
  • The concept of the numeric array and associative array

Concepts of Classes and Objects

  • Introduction to classes and objects.
  • Class declaration
  • Methods and properties
  • Visibility modifiers (concepts of public, private and protected)
  • Constructor and destructor
  • Keywords like static, final
  • Methods overloading, parameter passing
  • Concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation
  • Concepts of abstract classes and interface, namespaces

Collection, Generics

Data Access Using ADO.NET

Exception Handling Using ‘Try’ and ‘Catch’ is particularly developed as a web-based programming to create applications that run on browsers.

  • Introduction to .net framework
  • Setting up the .NET environment
  • Setting up projects in .net
  • Writing a program in .net and compiling .net projects
  • Creating and using master pages
  • Understanding basic controls button, text boxes, image, link, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, list boxes
  • Passing value between pages using session parameter, query string and post operations
  • State management and handling session in websites
  • Accessing data, data grids, database access
  • Validation controls, types of validation control and validation summaries
  • Control is like detail view control, form view control, list view controls and other forms of controls
  • Catching error using try – catch, controlling error handling
  • Data sources and databases, creating connection strings and configuring data sources
  • Basic grid views, formatting using CSS, sorting and paging, bound and hyperlink columns
  • Grid view events, referring to cells and rows, row command
  • Multiple row controls – overview, repeaters and data lists, grid views and list views
  • Editing, inserting and deleting records in details view
  • Using HTML and XHTML tags attributes in .net applications
  • Formatting views using CSS, styling HTML tags, creating style sheets
  • Sending email
  • Concepts of Ajax in
  • Creating report like crystal report
  • Concepts of debugging, troubleshooting application

After completion of the ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming course, students will be able to develop web-based applications. During the course, we provide numerous programming examples and real-time cases to strengthen the concept of Students are assigned a real-time project where they are made to implement the knowledge gained during the training session.

How is the Course Taught at the Institute?

In this institute, students are instructed by the teachers for one hour daily and another one hour is provided to the students for practical purpose and implementing the topics learned in the class. The duration of the course is approximately two months and the course length can be extended if required by the students. To assess the efficiency of daily classes and to derive necessary measures, the performance and the capability of the students are tracked by the institute. The progress of the students is tracked through these tests, interactions with the teachers in the daily classes and learning ability of the student. Based on the feedback, to optimize the learning ability of the students, teaching techniques accordingly are modified to facilitate the students. Revision classes are provided to the students who require it. Daily class works and home assignments are assigned by the teacher to the student with respect to the student’s growth.

Upon completion of ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming course, students are assigned a project work. An internship is granted to the students under the guidance of experts and professionals within the computer institute itself or at software development companies. If a candidate is selected for or interested in doing the internship, a supervisor is appointed by the computer institute to guide the student.

Reasons For Choosing Us for ASP.NET Training in Nepal

  • Unlike some other computer training institute in Kathmandu, we do not make fake promises like providing job placement and other fake commitments. We are experts in educational matters as we have been serving consistently in this field for many years. However, we are not a recruiting agency. Thus, we can give 100% commitment to providing you with the best computer education in Nepal.
  • training course at our computer training institute is highly professional and job oriented. The course curriculum we teach is devised after an intensive work out on practices followed in real time development of projects.
  • We allocate project work after the completion of training to give students hands-on experience. Students can join internship programs after the completion of the course.
  • The flexibility of learning hours from morning to evening.
  • Provision of trail classes to ensure the quality of the training before enrolling in course. We even refund student money if they do not like our training.
  • College students in a group can schedule the class timing according to their preferences.
  • We believe in maintaining a longtime relationship with students. Students can reconnect with us in future even after they complete their training in case if they have come across any difficulties or problems related to programming.
  • We welcome any suggestion from students regarding customization of course syllabus. If a student thinks that we have been missing important topics, we encourage students to let us know. We will include them in our course syllabus as well.

As soon as candidates complete their training program, supervisors allocate real-time project work. They will be guided by project development activities and internship in We provide internships in partnership with IT Training Nepal, which is the exclusive training centre for providing internship for students.

Learning Outcomes of ASP.NET Training

At the end of the training course the trainee will be able to:

  • Create a web form with server-side controls.
  • Develop a fully functioning web page and web application.
  • Use the .net framework
  • Manage dynamic data using database operations.

Scope and Opportunities for ASP.NET Course Training

There is a huge scope of in Nepal and is going to become more and more popular. It’s a really good language for developing applications that are large in scale. The demands for ASP developers are increasing. Many software companies use .NET as their developing platforms for large applications in real-time websites. Programmers can even do freelancing in technology.

ASP.NET & C Sharp Programming is largely used web development platform in the USA, Australia, India, East Asia and European countries. It is a widely used platform all around the world, around 18% of websites around the world uses .NET for server-side programming. According to recent statistics .net is ranked 4th in the highest paying job with the .net developer earning on average 41,000 pounds sterling per year in the UK whereas in the US, an average ASP .NET developer earns around $89000 per year. In India, the average ASP.NET developer earns nrs. 382,000 per year.

Training Nepal has also been conducting dedicated C Sharp classes for the students who are in need of the C Sharp course.



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