Audit Training Courses

Audit Training Course

Training Nepal provides the audit training course where ‘auditing’ is a legitimate examination or verification of the operations carried out in an organization with an aim of confirming those actions to the established plans, and expected quality standards. Today, every business requires a thorough evaluation of how the management is making an effort to achieve its goals. So, almost every organization and individual applies some sort of auditing to ensure what they are doing is systematic, and is not deviating from what they expected to achieve.

Considering these issues, training Nepal introduced audit training course which is designed to provide the trainees with the basic concepts of auditing along with introducing to them the major tools and techniques related to auditing. The real value of this program goes far beyond than just introducing the fundamental concepts of auditing. Moreover, this audit training course also covers the study of resource mobilization, process flow, and communication exchange. Hence, the audit training course by training Nepal will provide trainees with the holistic approach to perform integrated management system audits both internally and externally in an organization.

Objectives of Audit Training Course

  • To provide the basic concepts of auditing along with the tools and best approaches that are widely used.
  • Help the trainees develop plans for auditing, and understand the basic models for auditing.
  • Enable trainees to establish themselves as a certified auditor.

Who Can Join This Course?

  • This course is intended for those who are seeking to develop professional auditing skills for their business or job.
  • In addition, this auditing course could be of much significance if you are intending to improve your monitoring and evaluation skills.
  • This course is highly recommended for qualified managers, researchers and auditors in various fields as well those intending to qualify for register auditor.
  • Those who choose to appear for international certification in auditing once they have sharpened their skills and knowledge

How is This Program Conducted at Training Nepal?

Our training methodology incorporates mixed methods of both theoretical and practical aspects that should surely help you to advance your knowledge and skills in the field of auditing. We focus on providing the appealing learning opportunities to the trainees so that they can be able to render independent assurance regarding how an organization is performing, and at the same time be as objective as possible.

Why Should You Join This Program at Training Nepal?

At Training Nepal, we focus on improving your auditing skills and therefore help the trainees grow professionally. Our audit training course is all-inclusive of several aspects of auditing and is intended to help the trainees make sure that their audit is effective, efficient, and economical. We emphasize on enhancing the skills among the internal auditors to deal with a wide range of issues ranging from managing organization’s growth to evaluating how well the organizational system is working together.

We are focused on the enhancement of auditing skill that leads to a professional stature where an individual is competent, qualified, and trained in order to be able to work by conforming to the standards, regulations, and the accepted norms and ethical values. Hence training Nepal is determined to impart such skills among the trainees that upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Finally, we make an effort to provide quality audit training through our updated courses that have incorporated best practices, and through our trainers who have sharpened their skills through longs years of practice we are determined to train you in a way you will be able to cope with the dynamic world of finance and register yourself as certified auditor.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this audit training course, trainees should be able to systematically diagnose the system and process errors, and suggest appropriate measures for implementation on their own.

After the completion of this audit training course, the trainees should have developed not only the basic conceptual knowledge and implications of auditing, but also have built the confidence level, knowledge of the best practices, and the systematic approach.

Besides, Training Nepal also aims at providing Accounting Training Course to individuals who are looking forward to making their career as an accountant.


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