Capacity Building Training

Capacity Building Training

Capacity building is a continuous process through which individuals, organizations, and societies lay down their own development projects, and then aim to achieve them by enhancing their skills, knowledge, and abilities. Moreover, capacity building is a visionary approach to achieving development aspirations by getting the better of all the hurdles that come in the way while trying to actualize those development objectives. The approach to development through the capacity building is concerned with enhancing the competencies at individual, organization, and community level such that they can perform their basic functions sustainably, and continue to develop and become better over time. So, in the present context, capacity building is essential for achieving sustainable outgrowth.

There is a direct relationship between capacity building and employee performance in an organization. In other words, capacity building reinforces the overall employee performance which ultimately adds up to improved organizational performance. Therefore, capacity building is one of the key management issues in any organization and is recommended that organizations should improve their capacity building activities, so as to obtain higher employee performance.

In the modern day organizations, decision makers get their employees involved in decision making and policy formulation processes. Thus, it is becoming more relevant in today’s world to develop capacity in individuals within the organizations to formulate plans, policies, and operations for sustainable growth and development. We have been offering this training program to individuals, communities, and organization with the aim of enhancing people’s technical as well as decision-making abilities. This capacity building course is intended to enable individuals, communities and organizations develop and advance their capacities to plan, implement and maintain useful and effective services within and between communities and organizations.

We Offer This Course in Three Categories:

  • Individual-based
  • Organizational-based
  • Community-based

Objectives: Capacity Building Training

To speed up individual and organizational learning by developing skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to create a set of capabilities which enables the organizations to set up policies, accomplish the goals, solve problems, and create sustainable results which enable them to carry through in the long term.

Learning Outcomes

  • Capacity building training results in introducing new knowledge, skills, and management capabilities
  • Benefits to trainees include enhancements in self-confidence and overall competencies
  • Benefits can pass over to other individuals in the organization, or throughout the whole organization or community
  • Enhancement of organizational efficiency can be exemplified by the increased efficiency and innovation in the way products or services are provided, improved research and development, and finally increased effectiveness in the decision-making process
  • Improvements in the capacity of an organization to function well, manage growth opportunities, and adapt to organizational changes

Training Nepal also welcomes individuals who are looking forward to their career in Human Resource Managment. We have been conducting special classes dedicated to the Human Resouce training and development.



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