Certified Ethical Hacker Course

Certified Ethical Hacker Course CEH

A Certified Ethical Hacker is a professional who has authority to penetrate systems or networks to find loopholes and security issues. The certification is provided by an international council of e-commerce consultants, the EC Council.

The modern technology world has to be continuously monitored for the unauthorized breach of security and malicious activities. The traditional form of criminal activity has changed its dynamics in the modern. As the world connects itself with wires and wireless networks, various forms of crime are concentrating on this world of the network. Thus, various organizations like banks, corporate organizations, and government organization that deal with transactions, confidential data always look for security measures to safeguard their work and operations. Thus, a CEH usually performs the same activities to gain access within a system, but with prior consent of the owner, in order to find system vulnerabilities. The certification is provided after passing the CEH examination.

Course Objective

  • To help you achieve globally recognized ethical hacker certification.
  • To protect the system from malicious contents and harms.

Who Can Join This Course?

Modern world organizations are relying on security systems to protect their data and work. They are employee many network security personnel, so this certification course will be highly beneficial for such network security officers. As well, it is also beneficial for system administrators and other such personnel involved in the integrity of network systems. This course can be useful for security analyst and consultant who needs detailed knowledge in this subject. Also, the course is beneficial to those who have accomplished their CCNA and are pursuing their career in network security.

Teaching Methodology

Most students choose Training Nepal over others due to the methods we use to impart knowledge to our students. We have a practical approach to teaching students which we have gathered through the experience of all these years. We use a student-friendly way of teaching where not a single student is left behind. Firstly the students are assessed whether they need any basic knowledge to strengthen their grasp on the course. We not only provide you with materials, books, labs, computers, software are all provided by the institute, but also teach you how to utilize them. The class hours are designed according to the preference of students. We not only give you the course knowledge but also the practical knowledge that students need. We provide extra classes to remove confusion and students can use our labs and equipment any time they want. The regular assignments and mock test are also given so students are fully prepared ahead of the exam.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

If you want to be a Certified Ethical Hacker, you can capitalize the experience of Training Nepal in providing international it certifications to people. We help you step-wise to build your skill and turn you into a capable ethical hacker. With our training course, the students will be provided with the fundamental concepts of security issues and hacking. Practical hands-on examples are conducted within our systems to gain real know-how of hacking. Furthermore, students will be provided insights on cyber law and current practices. During the training, a student will develop strategies and models to test various systems using hacking procedures. Training Nepal guides you throughout the process to not just be a certificate worthy ethical hacker, but a practically skillful individual who can flourish well in global it industry.

Learning Outcome

After the successful completion of this course, you will be able to test the systems against hacking, implement and apply countermeasures to secure data and system against security breaches. You will develop an understanding of tools and techniques of hacking methods and techniques and suggest appropriate measures. You will be able to scan system resources using advanced IP scanners, discovering intrusion and using encryption data to prevent unauthorized access. You will also become a confident internationally acclaimed certified it professional.

Scope and Opportunities

The Certified Ethical Hacker is internationally recognized. This certification gives the edge over the non- certified ones. Since the security issue is a major issue, an ethical certified hacker can find jobs in organizations all over the world. Some of the popular jobs for Certified Ethical Hacker are security analyst, security consultant, security engineer, penetration tester,  network security analyst, network security engineer and so on.  The salary structure is also resounding to the CEH. Data shows that they are earning from $54,000 to $148,000 in the US. However, there is high scope in most parts of the world, Nepal not being an exception.


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