Communication Skills Course

Communication Skills Course

Communication skills are what form the basis of our every relationship, and are therefore crucial for maintaining successful relationships. Effective communication has always been emphasized throughout human history, and even more in today’s competitive world. Whether it’s face-to-face conversation or business correspondence, a strategically planned communication aimed at creating a strong impression always comes in handy. When an individual becomes aware, and understand his or her own communication style, and the personal communication style of others, one can develop a knack for communicating effectively with others and thus create an enduring impression.

Your ingenuity to keep up your relationships with clients, colleagues, executives, supervisors, and friends depends upon how effectively you communicate with them. Further, your communication capabilities massively influence your work proficiency, professional image, and organizational performance; enhance the possibility for upward mobility in your career, and extend the likelihood of your ideas to be heard by others.

We have therefore introduced a training program to help those who want to improve their individual communication and interpersonal skills to bring about a positive impact on their professional and social lives.

Objectives: Communication Skills Course

  • To teach the basic methods/strategies of communicating effectively along with an introduction to different communication style and pitfalls
  • To help the trainees enhance their communication skills through regular speaking exercises in a wide range of situations while also focusing on the elements of reading and writing
  • To teach the techniques of writing an appealing, and convincing reports/proposals that are also characterized by conciseness or verbal brevity
  • To enhance conflict management skills and other basic skills of handling difficult communication situations
  • To help the trainees discover the appropriate use of body language, gestures, and understand the use of non-verbal communication for negotiation and expression of strong interpersonal skills

Who Can Join the Course?

This course is ideal for business and marketing managers, consultants, public relation officers as well as other professionals who constantly need to demonstrate interpersonal skills and communicate their point of view in an interesting and persuasive manner. This course is also recommended for executive level staffs working in corporate organizations and leaders and planners who want to improve their skills to communicate effectively. This course is highly beneficial to those who are seeking a higher level of proficiency in communication skills in work settings.

In addition, Training Nepal has also been conducting presentation skills training and public speaking training for candidates who are in dire need to improve their presentation and public speaking skills.

Methodology: Communication Skills Course

Our training course will include elements of speaking, reading, and writing skills. At Training Nepal, trainees will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills through group discussion, and other dynamic group activities focusing especially on almost every aspect of communication skills. Further, trainees will also be made to cope up with both real and the role played situations.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

If you are seeking to develop skills for communicating effectively across various situations, and want to learn about practices, models, and strategies, then you have come to the right place. Our communication skills training course will help you to refine your interpersonal and presentation communication skills.

We focus on building up written and visual communication skills, and stress upon the strategies to structure and analyze your messages and language. The skills you acquire through our training program can be implied directly in your real-life situations. Our classroom activities are well worked out in advance to meet the interests of trainees, and during our training, we look to keep our trainees completely involved and engaged in the learning process of cultivating skills in order to be able to communicate effectively.

Our training program encompasses a wide range of communication issues such as dispute resolution, meetings and presentations, public speaking, voice skills, and business correspondence.

Through this communication skill training, you will be able to develop your own unique communication style, develop an understanding of your and other’s communication style and pattern. This course aims at creating and developing student’s ability to create long-lasting impressions using appropriate communication styles. We have designed this course to accommodate the needs of effective communication in the present global context that equip you with leverage in this modern age of the fiercely competitive business world. We follow proven strategies that have been successfully used by various organizations and individuals and tailor them to the specific needs of our trainees.

This communication skills training course will also provide you with tools and understanding of the strategies to listen effectively and offer constructive feedback all the while maintaining your confidence level and positive attitude. Through our course, one can learn to adapt his or her communication styles to suit different types of situation, and people in order to build resilient relationships.

Learning Outcome

At the completion of this communication skills training course, you will acquire the knowledge of tools, technique, and strategies used in effective communication. Further, you will also be able to:

  • Develop interpersonal skills and use them to persuade or express your ideas and views
  • Develop an ability to engage in constructive communication to lead people to your idea or proposal.
  • Learn how to effectively convey key messages and how to be an enticing and persuasive presenter.
  • Enhance listening skills to be able to respond to others appropriately.
  • Use technical approaches to become a more effective and confident communicator
  • Learn to adjust your own communication approach based on situational requirements
  • Understand barriers to effective communication and overcome them
  • Understand the importance of communication across cultural diversities in order to apply cultural sensitivities for professional pursuits
  • Learn the appropriate use of idioms and non-verbal gestures.



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