Computer Courses

We offer training courses in various computer courses with the aim of providing a platform to develop career oriented training. The students from non IT background will need to get fundamental knowledge of IT and programming language. Students from non IT can also join these skill oriented and make themselves qualified in IT sector.

The rapid growth of technology has created wide range of job opportunities in Computer and IT industry. Plus, constant evolution of the knowledge and technology needs constant upgrading of knowledge and skills among the professionals working in this sector. Candidates having skills in these sectors have better career prospective and earning. In IT sector skills are important rather than degree. So skill oriented training program are becoming popular among aspiring students and professionals alike.

The computer courses are broadly categorized into:

  • Programming courses: Programming courses include software development courses like PHP, JAVA, .NET, and Android, C++ and C #. Non IT students can also join these courses, but they will need to develop fundamental concepts of programming knowledge. C and C++ are best choices to learn fundamentals of programming.
  • Non Programming courses:These courses include design related courses like web designing, graphics designing and MS Access as well as hardware and networking courses.  Non IT students can join these courses to build IT base and they can move into typical IT fields after mastering these fields.