Engineering Entrance Exam Preparation in Nepal

Engineering Entrance Preparation

Engineering entrance preparation is the key to getting admitted to the engineering colleges once you have passed your higher secondary level in Science background. Once you have taken and passed your higher secondary level you probably are willing to get admitted to a good college that will shape your future. But they won’t take you for poor entrance marks….what to do? No need to worry, we are here to help you with it. Our courses are designed in a way that you will pass the entrance barrier with flying colour and study in your favourite college. We have designed our course to fit in your time i.e. 8-10 weeks with intensive exams every weekend that helps to revise your knowledge of grade XI and XII as well as apply your learned tactics in the same week. With our guest lectures from reputed college like IOE, you will be familiar with the well-known teachers of engineering field as well.

Besides these, to prepare for the engineering entrance preparation, we provide you with the book materials regarding the question banks, tricks, and tip, engineering aptitude that is essential to enhance your ability. With our highly qualified faculty members, we are more than sure that you will succeed in your engineering entrance exam just as our past students did. With our revised edition we make sure that our students are up to date to the latest changes and innovation. For deserving students, we have arranged scholarships as well.

But the fact is that engineering entrance exams are getting harder every year with the increasing number of students and the complex courses. Thousands of students are competing for the few hundred seats available at the best college in Nepal which is IOE and study free of cost. So engineering entrance preparation has become a must to succeed over other as this entrance preparation teaches you the patterns, tricks, time management skills required for surpassing the entrance.

Entrance Preparation Courses

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Aptitude
  • English

Popular Engineering Colleges in Nepal

  • Pulchowk Engineering Campus
    • Students especially try to get admitted to the Pulchowk Engineering Campus for engineering studies. However, there is tough competition among students to get admitted. Pulchowk campus conducts entrance exam on the basis of which students securing higher number get admissions.
  • Kathmandu University
    • This is another popular destination for students willing to study engineering degree.

The Objectives of Our Engineering Course

  • Help students solve confusion to give them a clear idea of subjects
  • Help students track their progress through exams held at the weekend
  • Encourage them to practice more and consult the teacher if there is any confusion
  • Familiarize students with entrance examination pattern
  • Teach time management skill
  • Enhance students with the trending as well as new tricks in solving lengthy questions

Why Study at Training Nepal?

If you want the good value of the money spent on your education then you can join our institute and explore your ability and enhance it to a level where you can secure a good position in the reputed colleges of Nepal like Pulchowk Engineering College.



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