Hardware Networking Course

Hardware Networking Course

Hardware networking course is designed for the individuals who want to learn and become a specialist in hardware and networking area. Due to the increased scope of the IT industry, the need for proper operation of hardware and network has become integral. This course in particular deals with imparting knowledge about how to implement and resolve hardware and networking issues in a system. Hardware part deals with understanding about the hardware components in detail and networking deals with configuring intranet, internet and resolving related issues.

Course objective

  • To understand the working of basic hardware and software in systems.
  • To understand how every hardware components like CPU, motherboard, RAM, power cables, etc.
  • To connect and configure different types of network.
  • To identify and resolve issues related to network and hardware.

Who Can Join This Course?

This course is recommended to the ones who want to build up their career in hardware or networking areas. Professionals who want to increase the areas of their expertise are also recommended to join this course. Similarly, students who are looking for the advanced course or certifications like Cisco (CCNA / CCNP) and A+ Certification are also suggested to join this course.

Prerequisites: Hardware Networking Course

Although there is no specific background needed to join this course, basic computer knowledge would be an advantage.

Hardware Networking Course Syllabus

Module 1: Hardware Training Syllabus

  • Hardware and software introduction
  • Software types and use.
  • Hardware peripherals
  • Assembling a computer
  • Dissembling computer
  • Troubleshoot
  • Install device drivers
  • Using devices like scanner, printer
  • Formatting and disk partitioning
  • Importance of bios
  • Post (power on self-test)
  • Installing os (operating system)
  • File system
  • Computer management to split disk, merge disks etc.
  • Utility software like antivirus, upgrading antivirus, disk defragmenter
  • Running ghost to replicate system for fast installation
  • Installing os using USB disk (pen drive)
  • Different types of users and their access privilege
  • Controlling accessing  files and folders on the computer
  • At and ATX Casing
  • Introduction to motherboards
  • Introduction to the slot, card, socket, port, connector, ram, HDD, processor, SMPS, FP
  • Assembling and dissembling
  • Input and output devices
  • BIOS and CMOS introduction
  • VMware(virtual machine)
  • Os installation like Windows XP,7,8 and Linux(Ubuntu)
  • Introduction to the command prompt
  • Software installation
  • Account creation, quota, folder locking, encryption, disk management
  • Dual booting or multi-booting
  • Repairing os, making images of cd and drive, cd and DVD burning
  • Introduction to hiren cd
  • Tricks- cracking administrator password, deep freeze crack, creating bootable USB for XP,7,8 os.

Module 2: Networking Syllabus

  • Types of network
  • Installing windows server
  • The concept of IP address
  • Using switch
  • Configuring LAN
  • Knowledge of wired and wireless network, their use and differences
  • Knowledge of twisted pair cable
  • Clamping (rj45)
  • Configuring router
  • Sharing internet
  • Sharing files and printer in the network
  • Installing active directory
  • Create domain
  • Creating users and defining access level privileges

After the completion of the course, one can work as a hardware technician or network technician.



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