Japanese Language

Japanese Language

Do you want to know what “Nihongo” means? Then you can enrol in our Japanese language course and learn more about the Japanese language. We are ranked top in Kathmandu valley for our good delivery of language classes with a high success rate in JLPT and NAT-test. If you want to learn the Japanese language from best language institute then training Nepal is the right one for you.

Our objective is to teach you how to be a fluent speaker, good writer and capable reader of Japanese in a fast and easy way as we know the value of time. Our instructors at training Nepal are certified experts in this area and will provide you with many helpful strategies to learn Japanese in an effective way.

You will learn various important Japanese words and useful phrases in a few days after a few days of classes at Training Nepal. The class starts with the basics and then moves towards intermediate, eventually leading you to advanced skills of communicating in Japanese.

Nowadays the Japanese language is well popular due to the increasing number of people going to Japan. So learning Japanese is not only for the mandatory requirement, it is also important if you want to survive in Japan as you will have to communicate here. At training Nepal, we teach students using a more practical approach so that our students can easily melt in the culture of Japan.

Objective: Japanese Language Preparation

The main objective of this language course is to develop fluency among the students in the Japanese language. The training also aims to:

  • Teach the students Japanese pronunciation.
  • Teach the students Japanese grammar.
  • Teach the students how to use the Japanese language.
  • Teach the students about Japanese culture.

Who Can Join the Japanese Language Training Course?

  • Job seekers who are seeking job opportunities in Japan.
  • Students applying for abroad studies in Japan.
  • Candidates willing to learn the Japanese language.
  • Candidates who are visiting Japan for travelling.

Why Japanese Language Course at Training Nepal?

  • Certified teachers to teach you
  • Free study materials
  • The high success rate of past students
  • Free counselling
  • Training Nepal is listed as the top institute for language courses
  • Free Wi-Fi

We hav also been successfully running Korean language preparation classes for the students who wish to study, work in South Korea or improve their language proficiency in Korean language.




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