Joomla Training

Joomla Training

Searching for a computer institute with professional instructors for Joomla training in Kathmandu valley? Well, look no further, Training Nepal provides excellent Joomla training courses taught by competent professionals. We run classes that will enable the candidates to master the skills of Joomla and build a website from the very beginning.

We will empower candidates to use Joomla as a custom CMS (Content Management System) by using templates, extensions, and highly customizable features. We also facilitate the students in using Joomla administration and customizing Joomla as per the need of the web application or websites.

What is the Objective of the Course?

The main objective of the course is to empower students in mastering the fundamentals of developing a website in a short period of time using Joomla. Additional objectives of this training course are to enable the students to:

  • Install, upgrade and customize Joomla.
  • Expanding the site and its content by adding multiple pages.
  • Adding supplementary features to the websites like videos gallery, image gallery, blog post, etc.
  • Make the site more attractive using templates and changing the layout of the site.
  • Use the Joomla SEO (search engine optimization).

Who Can Join the Course?

  • College graduates who want a career in web development using the Joomla platform.
  • College graduates from a non-it background who wants to learn web development in Joomla platform.
  • It professionals who want to learn web development using Joomla.
  • Designers who want to learn to programme and to use Joomla as a customized CMS.
  • Web developers who want to use Joomla as cms to develop websites.
  • Small-scale and medium scale business owners who wish to create e-commerce websites.
  • Candidates who are willing to create personal websites and web portfolios.

Joomla Training Course Syllabus

  • Category and article management
  • Handling access level, user and group management
  • Extensions manager, the menu manager
  • Seo strategy and analytical tools
  • Template management and site management
  • Using top business extensions
  • Developing secure websites
  • Rapid web development strategy
  • Multilingual websites
  • Integrating blogging, forum, multimedia, e-commerce features
  • Mobilizing Joomla websites

How is the Course Taught at the Institute?

The course syllabus of Joomla is constructed so as to enable and enhance the skill of the candidates in developing real-time websites using Joomla CMS and customizing Joomla. The course is taught by professionals, who will guide the students step by step from the scratch and enable them gradually to use and customize Joomla.

The course period is normally for one month, but we also provide fast track course where the students will learn the course in one to two weeks. Whereas, we also help the students who are not from it backgrounds by extending the course duration and take a different approach to teach the course. The number of students in the class is limited to provide each student with ample interaction time with the instructor. The students are assigned to daily class works and home works to keep them in touch with the topics learned in the class. The students are also welcomed to use our lab facilities to learn and implement their training.

Why Joomla Training Course at Training Nepal?

  • Training Nepal has a well-constructed syllabus and that covers all the features of Joomla platform as per the current trend and also Joomla administration.
  • The training course is taught by proficient instructors who are well-qualified and are experts on the Joomla platform.
  • We have excellent computer lab equipped with the high-speed internet connection that facilitates the student to practice and implement the course topics learned during the class.
  • We provide provisional classes to candidates who are not familiar with programming and web development.
  • We provide job oriented training to the candidates that will facilitate the students to be able to search for jobs as the web developer in Joomla platform.

Learning Outcome

After the completion of the Joomla training course student will:

  • Install, upgrade and customize Joomla to develop real-time websites and web applications.
  • Figure out what a CMS is.
  • Use Joomla to manage and generate dynamic contents.
  • Customize and edit the appearance and layout of the website.

Scope and Opportunities

Joomla platform has templates and customizable features and layout, which is why many of the IT companies choose Joomla cms to create powerful websites and web applications. Joomla is used worldwide to develop compelling web portals, corporate websites, e-commerce sites, web applications. Joomla is one of the most popular web development platform being used today, with its easy to use and expandable features its popularity is only growing.

The average salary for a Joomla developer in the USA is $82,000 per year. In the UK an average Joomla developer earns 32500 pounds per year. The trainees after completing their training can seek to start their career as any of the following job descriptions:

  • Web developer
  • Backend developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Joomla developer
  • Work freelance

Training Nepal has also been conducting classes on Advanced Joomla Training classes and WordPress courses for the interested individuals and the outcomes are rewarding.



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