Language Classes

Looking forward to IELTS/TOEFEL course or your new interest of language, Training Nepal has it all. With the language courses like IELTS and TOEFEL that are important for abroad studies to intensive languages courses like Japanese, French, German, Korean etc. Training Nepal offers courses from basic level to expertise level to help you to be fluent in the respective language theoretically and practically. The languages are all taught by certified teachers cause we believe in quality and your achievement. We not only give you writing and listening courses we also have featured tutorial so that you will have a more practical approach.

After the course completion you can accomplish your test more easily and be certified in your respective preferred language. If you don’t feel like you have learned enough then you can also join our extra classes free of cost and be confident enough to face the test and the native speakers as well. We are open to everyone who are determined and are willing to learn and achieve their goal. Here we teach students the ways to refine their language skills in the best possible way. Offering a wide platform to your dreams Training Nepal welcomes you to achieve it through our guidance just like our past students did.