Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework

Laravel is an open source PHP framework for developing the web application. Laravel Framework is developed in a model-view-controller pattern where the model handles database, the controller handles business and application logic and view handles presentation part. Laravel saves effort and time of developers and makes the job fun. Laravel is highly in use due to its key features like use of less configuration and more convention, code sharing and unit testing.

Course Objective

  • To help to create large websites with comparatively less time and effort.
  • To make the development of websites less stressful and more fun.
  • To clarify the MVC concept.
  • To teach the standardized method of writing codes.

Who Can Join This Course?

This course has been designed for the students who want to improve their career as a web developer. Students who have good knowledge of PHP can use this framework to save time and create complex websites. Programmers who want to know the concept of MVC are also recommended to take this course.


Since this is a PHP framework, one needs to have detailed knowledge of PHP and object oriented programming to learn Laravel.

Laravel Framework Course Syllabus

Here is the outline of the course we provide in teaching Laravel

  • Setup
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Homestead

The Basics

  • Routing
  • Middleware
  • Controllers
  • Requests
  • Responses
  • Views

Architecture Foundations

  • Service providers
  • Service container
  • Contracts
  • Facades
  • Request lifecycle
  • Application structure


  • Authentication
  • Billing
  • Cache
  • Collections
  • Command bus
  • Core extension
  • Elixir
  • Encryption
  • Errors & logging
  • Events
  • Filesystem/cloud storage
  • Hashing
  • Helpers
  • Localization
  • Mail
  • Package development
  • Pagination
  • Queues
  • Session
  • Templates
  • Unit testing
  • Validation


  • Basic usage
  • Query builder
  • Eloquent ORM
  • Schema builder
  • Migrations & seeding
  • Redis

Artisan CLI

  • Overview
  • Development

Laravel Course in Training Nepal

If you are thinking of taking the Laravel training course in training Nepal, it is a huge step forward towards making a career in web development. Training Nepal has a great experience in providing technical courses in a practical way. We have been getting a good response from our students who took the Laravel course. We guide you to use the features of Laravel framework so that you can develop web application efficiently. Our well-experienced instructor and resources can be a huge boost to the students willing to progress and experiment ideas. We help you develop a number of projects based on real job scenarios in the Laravel framework. We give regular assignments and mock test to clear up confusion in students.

Scope and Opportunities

Web application development has a huge scope in it and it seems to have been increasing every day with advanced means taking the place of primitive methods of web development. Laravel makes the web application easier thus becoming more useful in global it industry. A small investment in yourself can give you a successful career in the future. Laravel is used all over the world. Web developers who learned Laravel have been working in various companies around the world in the job roles like senior PHP developer, web application developer, and so on. Laravel developers earn in an average of $89,000 in the US. The opportunity for Laravel developers in Nepal is also growing rapidly.

Apart from the Laravel framework, we also provide advance PHP-based framework training on various other frameworks like Yii Framework and CodeIgniter framework.


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