Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership Training provided by Training Nepal is mainly focused on the corporate level. Whether or not an organization is profit oriented or belongs to a non-profit oriented class such as involving government and social organizations, in any case, every organization needs a capable leader. This is primarily because leaders are the ones who make things happen in an organization. A leader is someone who leads and influences the group members to accomplish the goals, and eventually what leaders do is labelled as ‘leadership’.

Some of the character traits that distinguish leaders from non-leaders are self-awareness, clear expressivity of speech, insightful intellect, self-confidence, drive and desire to lead, and ability to relate to people. However, in the present context, it is well evident that having such traits are not sufficient for becoming effective leaders because it is also equally important to consider how well a leader interacts with the group members, and whether the leadership style being used is appropriate to what the situation requires. The role of a leader in guiding team members has also become more important than ever because leadership is increasingly taking place within a team context where leaders need to build trust and at the same time learn to give up authority.

The importance of having a leadership capability is important in every aspect of life situations, and the constant supply of determined leadership talent is valuable. Keeping these things in mind, training Nepal has devised a leadership training course with an aim of creating leaders in various sectors of life, be it education, health, sports, it, bureaucracy or social organizations. Previously, leaders were always believed to have to lead the followers by guiding them to work towards goals by exchanging rewards for productivity, but one of the latest views of leadership is that leaders have to be transformational in a sense that the leaders should be able to inspire and motivate the followers to achieve exceptional outcomes. So, our course focuses on identifying leadership traits within an individual and helping them cultivate those traits.

There has always been a long debate going on questioning if leaders are born or made, thus inquiring about the effectiveness of leadership training programs. Research has however suggested that although a small number of experts believe that charisma cannot be learned, many others still are of an opinion that individuals can be trained to exhibit poised leadership behaviours hence making them effective leaders. For example, individuals can always be trained to articulate extensive goals, exhibit confidence, project a powerful and dynamic presence, and use charismatic nonverbal behaviours. Further, research has also backed up the fact that leadership training is more likely to be successful with individuals who exhibit a strong motivation to lead. To assume that individuals can be trained for ‘vision-creation’ is unrealistic, but people can always be trained to develop implementation skills and develop habits for generating effective visions. In addition, skills such as trust-building, guiding, situational analysis can always be taught. For instance, people can be trained to evaluate situations and understand how to modify situations to make them fit better with their leadership style and how to assess which leader behaviours might be the most effective in given situations.

Therefore, through our training course, we intend to help individuals understand what it takes to be a great leader and assist them to develop the traits that differentiate leaders from non-leaders. We intend to develop the individual’s power of decision making and judgment, help them adopt an effective communication style, and also develop life skills such as team building, time management, and other intellectual and pragmatic thinking approaches.

Organizations need strong leadership for ideal effectiveness, and in today’s dynamic world, we need leaders to challenge the status quo, to create the visions for future, and inspire the group members to want to achieve the visions. So we offer customized training courses to meet your individual or organizational needs and requirements.

Why Join the Leadership Training?

  • To develop and strengthen the understanding of what true leadership is, and how to become an effective leader
  • To understand what character traits an effective leader constitutes
  • To enhance social and interpersonal skills, physical stature, fluency of speech, self-confidence, and learn how to demonstrate a high effort level, and take initiatives
  • To learn to communicate high-performance expectations, and at the same time empathize with the needs of followers
  • To develop methods and strategies for team building, and to understand the role of leaders in guiding the team by understanding the balancing act of knowing when to lead the team members alone, and when to intervene
  • To deal with the emerging leadership issues such as managing power, developing trust, empowering the followers, leading across cultural diversities, and understanding gender differences in leadership

Who Can Join the Leadership Training Program?

  • Anyone who aspires to become a leader, and be seen as an effective leader
  • Anyone who has the drive to lead

Besides, Training Nepal also welcomes individuals who are looking forward to Personality Development and Presentation Skills courses.




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