MATLAB Certification Course

MATLAB certification demonstrates your capability to use MATLAB efficiently. This training provides you with excellent command in MATLAB for various areas; particularly in science, engineering, and statistics. The certification is given by MathWorks. There are two levels of MATLAB certification:

1. MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate – This is the primary level of certification. This shows you have the skill to operate the features of MATLAB to produce maximum output. In order to get the certification, one has to pass the three-hour exam that tests the skill to operate MATLAB. This certification is focused on the entrants. Students and professionals who want to make a career using MATLAB are recommended for this certification.

  • One has to take the ‘MATLAB Fundamentals’ training or have equivalent experience to join this training.

2. Mathworks Certified MATLAB Professional – This is the second and the main level of the certification. This certification shows that you have the expanded your skill of data processing and visualization, building GUI and programming techniques from the associate level. In order to get this certification, one has to pass a one-day exam. This certification is recommended to professionals who have gained associates certification and want to move further up in this field.

  • MATLAB associate certification and experience in one of the three MATLAB professional fields.

Course Objectives

  • To develop proficiency to work in MATLAB.
  • To improve performance and solve problems while operating.
  • To prepare for the advanced level skills one has to learn in a professional level.
  • To understand GUI, programming techniques and data processing for proper operation of MATLAB in advanced level.

MATLAB Certification Course Syllabus

MathWorks Certified MATLAB Associate

  • Working with the MATLAB User Interface
  • Variables and Expressions
  • Analysis and Visualization with Vectors
  • Analysis and Visualization with Matrices
  • Automating Commands with Scripts
  • Working with Data Files
  • Multiple Vector Plots
  • Logical and Flow Control
  • Matrix and Image Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Writing Functions
  • Troubleshooting Code and Improving Performance
  • Data Types
  • File I/O

MathWorks Certified MATLAB Professional

  • Data processing and Visualization
  • Importing Data
  • Organizing Data
  • Visualizing Data
  • Programming
  • Creating Robust Applications
  • Structuring Code
  • Structuring Data
  • Classes and Objects
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Handle Graphics
  • Components of a GUI Application
  • Programming Considerations for GUI Applications
  • The layout of GUI Applications Using GUIDE
  • Programming GUI Applications Using the GUIDE Template

Scope and Opportunities:

MATLAB is a useful tool for engineering and math-related areas. It can make the work easier and clarifies the presentation. The professionals with a clear understanding of MATLAB are highly on demand. They can work in various job roles like Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Design Engineer and Software Engineer. MATLAB can be collaborated and used with other popular software due to which it is highly beneficial. MATLAB professionals in engineering positions have been earning from $60,000 to $129,000 while MATLAB programmers earn around $109,000. The opportunities for MATLAB developers lie all around the world.



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