Medical Entrance Preparation in Nepal

Medical Entrance Preparation

You may be wondering why medical entrance preparation is necessary. Though there are thousands of students willing to study MBBS, there are only few hundred seats available which surely is not enough even though the students compete for available seats as they don’t have any other option. So during the entrance exam, there is a lot of tension among students as the competition is really tough. Students study day and night but still they fail to succeed the entrance exam and it is all because they were not studying with right course material under the format of iom.considering this online training has bought a special package for medical students. Online training has it all from the right course material to the right pattern to succeed in the entrance. We not only teach you the course, we also teach you how to stabilize your mind during the exam so that you won’t ruin your exam under pressure. We are pretty sure that with determination you can succeed in the entrance.

Our courses are so designed that our students will have greater chances of succeeding. Along with the exams every week we also teach our students the time management skills that are the considerable factor during exams. With our guest teacher, we make encourage students to have positive attitudes in life. Our course materials are always revised on the yearly basis so that our students don’t miss out a thing and our question banks include the sample questions of every year to make students aware of recent questions. We focus more on practising as the entrance especially include the subject matters of 11 and 12.

Courses Taught

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Zoology
  • Biology
  • English

Objectives of Medical Entrance Preparation

  • Help students solve confusion to give them a clear idea of subjects
  • Help students track their progress through exams held at the weekend
  • Encourage them to practice more and consult the teacher if there is any confusion
  • Familiarize students with entrance examination pattern
  • Teach time management skill
  • Enhance students with the trending as well as new tricks in solving lengthy questions

Similarly, for the students who wish to join the nursing course, Training Nepal also has the nursing entrance preparation course.



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