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Microsoft Office Course

Under Microsoft Office course, candidates will be given ideas on how to make good looking documents and given the knowledge of typing, editing, spacing, etc. This is helpful for beginners who want to start using computers for work purpose. We teach students from basic of typing to the advanced level of making an attractive and professional document. Our institution, Training Nepal is for those who are eager to learn and achieve the goals of their life. If you have the passion to learn then you can join training Nepal and achieve your goal through this small step of learning Mircosoft office which is a basic skill for any employee.

Objectives: Microsoft Office

  • To make students able to make a complete document, save it and finally print through MsWord.
  • Making students able to use all the feature of MsWord and other related features.
  • To help to manage and organize files and improve overall computer operating ability.

Who Can Join the Course?

If you are new to the computer and want to learn the basic of the computer you can start the training and make your entry to the world of the computer with the help of this basic course at Training Nepal. Hence, we encourage those to take the training who are new to the computer.

Teaching Methodology at Training Nepal

Training Nepal is the best place to start to beginners because of the method we apply to increase the productivity of our students. We provide you with all the necessary materials-both software and hardware components. We have a highly experienced instructor who will guide you until you become the expert on the subject. The class schedules are based on the preference of students. We give assignments and regular tests to ensure the student has the right understanding and extra classes are also arranged for those who need it.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

Training Nepal has been committed to providing IT related training in Kathmandu. It involves training for beginners and advanced level students. Training Nepal with its experience in various courses could be a great way to start your journey to become a computer expert in your chosen field. This course could develop your basic skills in Microsoft office which is an important part in making your career in the IT sector.

Learning Outcome

  • A certification of successful completion from the institution.
  • Skills in using computers for work purpose.
  • Simplifies the work you do with effective presentation.

Scope and Opportunities

Microsoft Office is a foundation course that makes sure you have the right start and understanding of the basic computer skills. It is difficult to get a high paying job with this alone but you can always use this knowledge as a foundation to step into other more advanced job roles. However, some offices hire people with basic Ms Office skill alone as well.



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