MsAccess Course

Ms-Access Training Course

Ms-Access is one of the most popular relational database programs where you can manage your data and access the data into meaning information for reporting and analysis. Most people use Excel for managing a large volume of information. But ms-excel has many limitations. Ms-Access can overcome the limitation of managing a large amount of information.

In this course, students will be able to learn how to store data in a database and use it whenever needed. Concepts of the database will be given to students. Creating and modifying database along with various objects will be taught by the use of Microsoft office access.

Objectives of Ms-Access Training?

  • To make students able to create and modify a database.
  • To make students build the table based on user requirements.
  • Create applications that can query the database.
  • Finally making the students able to use entire Ms-Access with ease.
  • To make students able to handle a database of complex systems.

Who Can Join the Course?

The course can be taken by students who want to develop relational database concepts. The training is suitable for individuals who do not have any background of computer plus to those who want to be expert in Ms-Access. The course is also popular among working professionals to manage their day to day data in an organization and generate reports based on that data. Hence, we recommend everyone to take this training so that you can work with database and make your report, records, etc safe in your own database.


This is a foundation course. So there are no such basic skills needed. The knowledge of the working of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft office package will be handy though.

Ms-Access Course Syllabus

  • Basic of Ms-Access.
  • The concept of the database.
  • Creating a database.
  • Creating tables, modifying tables.
  • Adding keys like primary key, the foreign key in tables
  • Attributes and data types of columns
  • Writing SQL for inserting and deleting data.
  • Writing SQL to
  • Make forms.
  • Analyzing data.
  • Making reports.
  • Access the database.

How is This Course Taught at the Institute?

Training Nepal is an experienced training institute which has a practical approach to teach students. We have a highly experienced instructor who will guide you according to your learning skill. We provided you with all the essential materials needed – both the hardware and software components. The class schedules are based on your preference. Extra classes are also provided for those confused. Regular assignments and class tests are taken so that you gain enough knowledge about the matter. We teach you how to practically apply Ms-Access in real life and how to work in it.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

Ms-Access is still one of the most important and necessary tools one needs to operate computer applications smoothly. We use this tool for providing entry-level database knowledge to our students. Although more advanced database tools have been built, the importance of Ms-Access can’t be taken away. Ms-Access is easy to understand. It is a freely available tool for Windows users due to which full version is accessible. The training materials and online community are also vast which will be helpful for students.

It is also beneficial for people who are new to using computers for work purpose. Many organizations still use this. It is easy to manage. This will also give a foundation to learn other databases as well. Hence, we have been providing Ms-Access courses here at training Nepal.

Learning Outcome

After completing the Ms-Access course you will be able to:

  • Design and create database, table and other database structures.
  • Develop the application to query the database and generate reports.
  • Understand the concepts of the relational database.
  • Understand the concepts of various kinds of keys.
  • Build applications with forms, reports and query wizards.



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