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MySQL course builds you the right skills to operate databases efficiently. The certification is provided by Oracle, one of the most popular software in the world today. This shows that you have a solid grasp of MySQL products. There are two available certifications for MySQL.

1. MySQL Database Administration – This certification demonstrates that you have sound knowledge to operate MySQL server, database security and backup, performance tuning and so on. This training provides knowledge useful for administration level.

Exam Details:
In order to receive this certification, one has to pass ‘oracle certified professional, MySQL 5.6 database administrator’. It is a 150 minutes exam where one has to attend 100 multiple questions. The passing mark is 64%.

2. MySQL Database Developer – This certification shows your knowledge of MySQL tools and ability to write useful queries. This focuses on skill on practitioner-level.

Exam details:
In order to get this certification, one has to pass an exam titled ‘oracle certified professional, MySQL 5.6 developer’. This is a 150 minutes long exam where one has to attend 100 multiple choice questions. The passing mark is 64%.

Course Objectives

MySQL for Database Administrators

  • To use the powerful database smoothly.
  • Build a strong understanding of MySQL server.
  • To make the system secure and enable recovery and backup.

MySQL for Database Developers

  • Write powerful and smart queries.
  • Practice client/server.
  • To gain knowledge that will be useful to do more advanced courses later on.

Who Can Join the Course?

This course is for anyone who wants to professionally develop their career in the database. The students and those who are new to the database can join the MySQL developer course. That will give them insights writing queries. The professionals can join the developer course for operating and handling database.


There’s no particular academic background needed for the development course. However, it is better to understand the functioning of working of the database first. For administration course, one needs the experience as a developer.

MySQL Course Syllabus

MySQL Course for Database Administrators

  • Introduction
  • MySQL architecture
  • The MySQL server
  • Configuring MySQL server
  • MySQL clients
  •  data types
  • Metadata storage
  • Engines
  • Partitioning
  • Transactions and locking
  • Security and user management
  • Table maintenance
  • Exporting and importing data
  • Programming with MySQL
  • Views
  • Backup and recovery
  • Performance tuning
  • High availability
  • Conclusion

MySQL Course for Database Developers

  • Introduction
  • Client and server concepts
  • MySQL clients
  • MySQL connectors and APIs
  • Data types
  • SQL expressions
  • Obtaining metadata
  • Databases
  • Tables
  • Manipulating table data
  • Transactions
  • Joining tables
  • Subqueries
  • Views
  • Prepared statements
  • Stored routines
  • Triggers
  •  errors and warnings handling
  • Optimization
  • Conclusion

MySQL Certification Training at Training Nepal

Training Nepal is an experienced name when it comes to international certification. We prepare our students in the most practical way to achieve the certification and gain all the necessary knowledge at the same time. We recently update our curriculum and the teaching methods the way it can be most effective. The administration certification is taught how to manage and control various possible mishaps in the systems and manage the security. The developers are focused on planning and designing applications with realistic examples.

We provided you with all the necessary resources here. The training course has a flexible time schedule. You can use our labs at any time of the day. The instructor is a well-experienced database professional. We also teach our students not only to pass and receive the certification but to gain real-life skills to handle complex database.

Scope and Opportunities

The database is the most important part of any system or web applications today. The skillful individuals who can handle database properly and write effective queries are highly in demand. The MySQL certified individuals have been found working in various job roles like MySQL developer, MySQL administrator, etc. They have been found earning to $145,000 in the US depending on jobs and companies. The scope is large all over the world due to the increasing demand of the secured database in the world. The importance and opportunity are also growing in Nepal.

Besides, after the successful completion of the MySQL one can also opt for Oracle Certified Associate and Oracle Certified Professional courses.



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