Objective C

Objective C

Objective C certification presents your skill as a proficient programmer in Objective C. This certification is provided by Brainmeasures which is an iso 9001-2008 certified company. This is one of the most in-demand IT certification in the world today. Objective C is an advanced form of c and object-oriented programming and thus a friendly platform for most programmers to learn. This training course will increase your skill and help your career grow in global information technology industry.

In order to get this certification, one must pass the Objective C test that consists of 40 multiple choice questions. This is an affordable yet effective certification program.

Course Objectives

  • To help students to achieve an international level certification.
  • To help them compete as an IT professional.
  • To help students write smart and intelligent codes and debug them as well.
  • To help students make useful applications.

Who Can Join the Course?

This course is specially designed for students who have learned C and object-oriented programming and now looking forward to making application in platforms such as mac and ios. Students who want to make a long-term career in it are encouraged. Similarly, professionals who want to increase their knowledge and step foot in something new are encouraged too. If you are not from an IT background, we can help you by giving you knowledge starting from C programming itself.

Course Syllabus

We frequently assess our course the way students can benefit the most. However, this is an outline of what areas we cover in this course.

  • C
  • Categories
  • Exceptions
  • General
  • Internals
  • Memory management
  • Messaging
  • Protocols

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

When you decide to go for an international level of skills, it is better to choose an institute that has experience in providing international certification. Training Nepal has been producing a number of internationally certified it professionals and so this experience can be handy for you. We guide you from the basic step to the point you hold your certification. Whether or not you are from it background, training Nepal provides you with the full opportunity to make a career in it. Taking this course in training Nepal can make you a sharp programmer in C, C++ and Objective C. We will assist you in building your own project and application as well. We will also give regular tests and assignments in order to clear the concept.

Scopes and Opportunities

After taking this course, one is sure to have developed the skill required to become an efficient Objective C programmer. Due to the growing inclination of the world economy towards it, the skills developed are bound to be useful. Biggest companies like windows and apples are looking for the potential skill you gain from this course, let alone the moderate companies. You can also be independent and create your own application. After learning this course, you can work as ios developer, mobile application developer ios/android, software engineer and so on. Objective-c developer in the US has been earning between $70,000 to $111,000 depending upon their job roles, experience, and company. The opportunity for Objective C developers is growing around the world recently. In Nepal also you can earn a good sum of money after being a specialist in Objective C.

Besides, Training Nepal has also been running classes on Android application development for the candidates who are interested in making application in Android platform.



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