Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

We help you achieve the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification provided by Oracle, one of the leading software companies in global IT industry. It is a foundation level certification that demonstrates your knowledge of the database as a developer and as well as an administrator. It measures your skill to efficiently run and manage Oracle database in a secure way. In order to get this certification, the test taker needs to pass two examinations.

  • Oracle Database 11g: SQL fundamentals I– This exam measures the programming skill of the person to write queries, manipulate data and handle database overall. This is a 2-hour exam with 64 multiple choice questions to attend. And the passing score is 60%
  • Oracle Database 11g: administration I– This exam measures the administrative skill to run the database including data security, performance, recovery techniques and so on. This is a 90-minute exam with 70 multiple choice questions to attend and the passing score is 66%.

Objectives: Oracle Certified Associate Course

  • Impart knowledge to become an Oracle certified associate.
  • Produce more it professionals who can manage and run database securely.
  • Provide real-life skills and create future employment opportunities for students.
  • Provide powerful knowledge of database for overall safety and proper management of data worldwide.

Who Can Join the Course?

In order to join this course, one doesn’t need to be from a specific academic background. We will help you from the very beginning step. However, basic knowledge of database and computer operating system will be helpful.

OCA Course at Training Nepal

When it comes to achieving international certification, Training Nepal is a popular name among the students. We, with our experience, will guide you from the very beginning of the course to the point you not only get the certification but also the skill you need for the implementation of the knowledge you gained.

The teaching method of Training Nepal is practical and student based. We help you achieve both sets of skills you need to be an OCA. Training Nepal provides you with all the programming skills needed to run the Oracle database and also the administrative skill to manage even the complex systems smoothly. We have a highly experienced tutor who will help you achieve your goal and we furnish you with all the materials and equipment needed-both the hardware and software. Besides, we manage extra classes for confused students. Students also need to submit regular assignments and attend mock test so that they have the confidence ahead of the exam.

Learning Outcome

After the successful completion of this course from Training Nepal, you will have the following outcomes.

  • A knowledge in the form of certification.
  • Maximization of career potential.
  • Highly paid job and become a valued employee.
  • A confidence to handle complex systems and problem-solving ability.

Scope and Opportunities: Oracle Certified Associate

The OCA certification can truly improve your career as an IT professional and your position as one in the global scale. The good news is based on a recent survey conducted by Oracle, above 95% of the certificate holders have reported an increase in salary, enhanced skill and promotion in jobs after they have been certified. This gives you the edge over the non-certified candidates at the time of hiring. Oracle is the most advanced and widely used database in the world and since you will have the programming and administrative skill to run Oracle database, there’s a wide range of job roles you can be working as, some of which maybe:

  • Oracle database administrator
  • Database developer
  • Applications database administrator
  • Software engineer/developer

The salary for OCA has also been noteworthy. They have been earning from $45,000 to $125,000 in the US depending on their job roles. Since the database has become so important in the recent times, Oracle Certified Associate has the luxury to choose jobs in various organizations all over the world. The importance of Oracle certified professionals is increasing here in Nepal as well. Last but not the least, if you want to take further advanced courses, the knowledge gained from OCA training course will come handy.

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