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PHP Training

Seeking to acquire professional PHP training in Nepal? Join our computer institute, we offer highly advanced PHP training in Kathmandu, Nepal for them who wants to be a professional PHP programmer. We also provide scholarships to the deserving candidate.

To know why we are the best PHP training institute in Kathmandu, please go through this section of the article to know how we conduct the classes, how the courses are taught, and the details on the course design.

Objectives of PHP Training

PHP training course is designed with the objective to provide knowledge to create a PHP based web application or website. This course is required for students who have the concept of creating a static website but wants to make it dynamic. Moreover, PHP and MySQL training course helps the students to achieve the following objectives:

  • Emphasizes on enhancing the skills of developing dynamic web pages and applications.
  • Understand and implement various techniques for web development.
  • Understand the business value on the web.
  • Understand the usability and functional capabilities of the web.
  • Perform testing and debugging of websites and web applications.
  • Facilitate customization of the software.

The most significant part of PHP training provides knowledge to perform various tasks where PHP will interact with the database. Students will learn to create general features in a web application like managing contents and information. Reporting is another important aspect of database driven application which we will look into as the course progresses.

Who can join PHP course?

College students eager to complete their final year project on web development using PHP language.
College students who do not have time for online courses and want to learn PHP from professionals.
College graduates from IT background (BIM, BScCSIT, BIT, BE.IT, BCA etc.) who are aiming to kick-start their career in web development
Candidates from the non-it background who want a career in web development.
Web designers who want to learn to develop dynamic websites and learn to programme.
Programmers who want to gain knowledge of developing web pages and web applications.

PHP training syllabus

PHP Basic

Before jumping directly into learning system design or architecture design, the course begins with the basic concepts and programming fundamentals in PHP such as writing syntax correctly, creating logics, etc. The fundamental concept of programming in PHP is similar in many ways to other programming languages like c, java, etc. Thus students having good knowledge of programming fundamentals should not have problems understand this session of PHP training.

  • PHP environment set up by installing xampp or wamp server
  • Writing PHP syntax and displaying hello world in PHP
  • Writing PHP and HTML together
  • Constants, variables, global variables and scope of variables
  • Arithmetic and logical operator, concatenation operator
  • Single quote vs double quote, escape sequences
  • Conditional branching using if..else, switch statements
  • Control statements(looping) using while, do while, for, for each loop
  • Built-in functions for string and array
  • Code reuse using include, include_once, require, require_once functions
  • Header, isset and other important functions in PHP
  • String manipulation using string functions
  • User defining functions, passing parameters in function
  • Function with return point, default values
  • Arrays – numeric array, associative array
  • Arrays – one-dimensional array, the two-dimensional array
  • Arrays – sorting
  • Built-in functions in arrays – array sort, merge
  • Files handling, directory functions
  • Get/post, passing value using forms, passing hidden values
  • Concepts of HTML, CSS, javascript and jquery

Although HTML and CSS are design elements but the basic understanding of HTML, CSS is necessary while developing web applications. The main objectives of this section is to provide skills to develop a 2 or 3 column based templates using div, integrate templates for websites front-end and back-end, and gain knowledge on how to manipulate CSS as required.


  • Use of paragraph, heading, image, anchor, lists
  • Concepts of table tags, rowspan, and colspan
  • HTML forms, frames
  • Table-less design
  • CSS: external, internal and inline style sheets
  • Template designing using div
  • Concepts of javascript
  • Javascript functions
  • Form validation using javascript
  • Event handling using javascript
  • Concepts of jquery and integrating image slider and image rotator.

Database Concepts

Majority of the web-based application is database driven, therefore the concept of database and SQL is required to build applications in PHP. Several concepts in the database are required beforehand to create an architecture of the application developed in PHP and MySQL.

Knowledge of DDL and DML

  • SQL statements for creating, dropping databases.
  • Create, alter, rename, drop tables.
  • Concepts of keys like primary keys and foreign key
  • Insert, select, update and delete query
  • Select data (using operators such as “between, like, in, not”)
  • Where clause, and, or
  • Order by clause, group by, limiting data using limit
  • Aggregate functions
  • Cascading concepts
  • Join(inner join, outer join)
  • Union and sub-queries
  • Normalization and table designing
  • Concepts of MySQLi
  • MySQLi functions and methods
  • Database operations and other logical operations in PHP

This section teaches on how to make SQL connection from PHP and perform operations like insert, select, update and delete. This process is known as CRUD operations.

  • Add, display, edit and delete data in the database using PHP
  • Taking inputs from different HTML elements like radio, drop down box, checkbox
  • Displaying data from database in the drop-down box, table, forms

Emailing Concepts

There are different ways of sending messages to the email. Creating contact form on websites, sending newsletter are some of the examples.

  • Plain email/extra headers (CC, BCC)
  • Creating feedback forms and concepts of auto emails

CMS Development in PHP

A Content Management System (CMS) is used for managing contents like text, images, and other forms of data that is displayed on the website. Dynamic websites have a content management system which is operated by the website administrator for managing content whenever required. The CMS is accessible only to the website administrator so it must have a login system to authenticate its valid users. So in this section students will learn to create authentication system, data generation, gallery management, etc.

  • Creating front-end and back-end
  • Proper files management and including files
  • Template integration for site administrator (back-end)
  • Authenticating users, creating a registration form, validating login
  • Log in form with database and without database
  • Session functions, session management
  • Cookies in PHP
  • Concepts of ajax, various implementation of Ajax
  • Template integration at front-end
  • Classes and objects, properties and method

Real-time Project Development

A student will develop a mini-project during the training session. After the completing of the PHP training, students assigned a project during which they will get insights of real-time software development.

Contact our computer training institute for professional PHP MySQL training in Nepal. We assure you that we will offer you the best PHP MySQL training in Kathmandu.

How are PHP Training Classes Conducted?

Classes are conducted daily for two hours for approximately two months. One hour is spent in the class with the instructor guiding the students while another hour is spent gaining practical knowledge and implementing the things learned in the class. The students’ daily performance and learning ability are tracked by the instructor in order to construct a more favorable environment for the students to learn. The pace of the course varies upon the students’ ability to learn and grasp the topic in class. In the case students’ pace of learning and understanding of the subject is slow; the course is extended to more than the specified time and if required, the students are divided into different groups and different learning approach is used for different groups. The number of student in the class is limited to a few numbers so that each one of them gets plenty of instructor’s attention. Whenever necessary, supplementary classes and revision classes are provided to help the students. Students are assigned to daily class-works and homework assignment by the instructor. On the completion of training course, students are required to develop real-time applications as a part of their project work. The instructor provides guidance consistently during the project work. The overall quality we have maintained in our training methodology makes us the best PHP institute in Nepal.

Reason to Select Our Computer Institute for PHP Training in Nepal

  • Professional and job oriented course taught by industry experts.
  • Provide strong underlying concepts
    Most advanced course syllabus that meets the requirement of software companies.
  • Project work and internship in PHP.

After the training, students are assigned project work during which they are assigned a supervisor. Competent students are even provided internships at software development companies.

Learning Outcomes of PHP Course Training:

After the completion of the PHP training course the trainee will be able to:

  • Develop fully functional and dynamic websites and web application.
  • Adapt to the work environment due to the job oriented training provided by the institute.
  • Write a fully functioning server-side script.

Scope and Career Opportunity After PHP Training Course

There is a large demand in the market for web developers. Amongst the IT companies in existence, lots of them prefer PHP as the development platform, thus increasing the demand for PHP programmers in the market. A PHP program can gain good command in open source software such as Joomla, WordPress, etc. PHP programmers working as experts in these opens source software earn relatively more. And also having knowledge of any PHP framework (like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, etc.), CSS, javascript, and jquery will be added advantage. After completing the PHP training course the student can seek careers in it companies as followings:

  • Web developer
  • Freelancer
  • Open source framework developer

If you think that market for PHP is prevailing only in Nepal, then think again. There is a global increase in demand for PHP developers at the international level too due to the global increase in the requirement for dynamic and attractive websites. According to the recent statistics more than 40% of the most popular web portals like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and many others are based on PHP. In India, an average PHP programmer earns approximately Nnrs. 312,000 plus bonuses per year. While in the USA the average salary for a PHP developer is $57994 per year. For any PHP programmer looking to possess career in web development, there is hence a lot of scope and wide career opportunities to explore in both local as well as international market.


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