Presentation Skills Course

Presentation Skills Course

Presentation Skills allows an individual to articulate their ideas before the mass of people.Whether you are convincing people about your community proposal, or trying to convince the investors to invest in your plan, or selling a product, or campaigning for an election, or trying to persuade your friends to watch a particular movie, your presentation skills are bound to determine the outcome. This is perhaps because your presentation reflects an impression upon your listeners that might result in your tentative loss or win. An individual acquainted with basic presentation skills gets opportunities to showcase his or her aptitude for interpersonal and verbal communication along with the expertise in research, exploration, and writing. Presentation skills are thus very useful in almost all aspects of a life and your job. Further, it is quite obvious that in many situations, making an effective presentation requires learning to speak with confidence and relinquish fear and anxiety. So, we have introduced a presentation skills development training to help the trainees deliver an effective presentation without having to go through any distress at the prospect of making presentations before a huge audience.

Objectives: Presentation Skills Course

  • To highlight the importance of presentation skills for your professional/career success
  • To instruct the practices of careful planning, gathering in-depth information, selecting the right medium, and organizing the information.
  • To demonstrate practical techniques to make preparations for your presentation
  • To instruct the ways to use visual aids such as powerpoint appropriately to support your presentation.
  • To help the trainees learn the approaches of adapting to the audience.
  • To help the trainees deliver a well composed and comprehensible presentation. This may include initiating your presentation with a good introduction that arouses audience interest, holding your audience’s attention, coherently connecting your ideas, and closing the presentation with the final words ringing in the ears of the audience.
  • To master the art of delivering an effective presentation by embracing techniques to overcome anxieties, and feel more confident in front of an audience
  • To improve your delivery through an increased awareness of body language, gestures, eye contact, and non-verbal cues
  • To illustrate how to handle question-and-answer period by training how to focus on the questioner, respond appropriately, and maintain control

Who Can Join?

This course is for those who want to learn how to speak confidently before the audience and deliver an effective presentation. This course is also ideal for those who wish to build their presentation and public speaking skills, especially for applications in business and workplace environment. If you want to develop your skills in delivering presentations, administering a formal meeting or would like to enhance leadership and public speaking abilities, this course is for you.

This course should be beneficial to employees and managers at all levels who, for instance, are looking to develop presentation skills for updating monthly/weekly status to colleagues, and higher level authorities, for providing sales report to senior managers, for providing financial updates to investors, and so on.

How is the Course Conducted?

To tell you more about our training course, we hold our sessions within small sized groups consisting of not more than 10 individuals. So the learning experience is bound to be personalized, but at the same time, interactive enough to enhance your presentation skills before other members

We undertake an approach of imparting presentation skills through continuous guidance, mentoring, coaching, and feedback.

The entire training course will constitute lessons on planning your presentation, research, organizing your presentation, selecting an appropriate delivery method, non-verbal communication skills, adapting to the audience, the art of delivery, handling questions responsively, and enhancing presentation with powerpoint slides and other visual aids.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

Our presentation skills course is intended towards helping our trainees overcome common problems like fear, uneasiness, anxiety, stress, and so on that inhibit them from making effective presentations. Attending our presentation skill course should help you attain skills of speaking with confidence, thus making your presentation influential and at the same time professional enough to be deemed effective in overall. Our training program will comprise of a supportive group in which you will receive undivided attention, and along the way come up with opportunities to execute the skills and abilities you would have acquired. The skills you picked up through our course can then be easily implied to any other presentation schedules having larger audiences. We believe that an effective presentation should be structured appropriately by means of crafty opening and closing. So we train our learners to procreate a well structured and meaningful presentation. We also train our learners in the ways to sketch preparatory notes and make advance preparations in order to be able to dispatch a convincing and powerful presentation. For your assistance, facilitators will be available to provide feedback and discuss problems you might encounter while working on improving your presentation skills. Finally, through this course, you will learn how to connect with the audience by communicating with ‘you’ attitude, and importantly, learn how to sound confident, maintain your body posture, and exhibit a convincing body language. To sum it up, we provide the most comprehensive, and practical hands-on training course for the aspiring learners.

Learning Outcome

  • Upon the completion of a course, you will be able to:
  • Come up with an effective presentation through careful planning, and organization of the entire presentation.
  • Handle presentation anxieties, and overcome such fears.
  • Learn to adapt to your audience, grab their attention, and get hold of it.
  • Deliver a meaningful presentation through a good organization of the information.
  • Improve skills in delivering a presentation using various visual support tools such as powerpoint slides.
  • Undertake an appropriate approach to handling questions.
  • Uncover the techniques you might need to explore in order to reinforce your learning
  • Learn how to engage, persuade, and inspire your audience
  • Learn the creative ways of framing your ideas using stories, anecdotes, analogy, and metaphors

Besides, Training Nepal has also been conducting classes on Communication skills and Public speaking skills for the individuals who require special attention in the respective courses.




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