Project Management Course

Project Management Course

Project management is the systematic and strategic approach to foreseeing or predicting problems and roadblocks that may occur in a project planning, and hence organizing and controlling these activities so as to successfully complete the project. Every project is characterized as having its own specific goals and is usually constrained by a limited time period, and budget. Project management is basically the process of developing plans, accessing available resources, mobilizing the resources, and effectively carrying out the operations at the optimum level. So, training Nepal offers a training course in developing project management skills recognizing the fact that management of a project requires an overall buildup in the technical crafts and management strategies.

Whether you are a project manager or a staff working on a project or an aspiring entrepreneur, your success is mostly influenced by the project management skills you possess. Whatever position you hold in an organization, chances are that at some point in time, you may need to get a jump on handling projects. However, project management researchers have indicated that around three-quarters of projects either hit roadblocks or need a complete overhaul of the plan if an appropriate model has not been devised before the project begins. Accomplished project managers, thus, are essential in every modern day organization and project.

Who Can Join This Course at Training Nepal?

  • This training course at Training Nepal is suitable for project managers and staffs involved in project planning.
  • It is also beneficial for students and aspiring candidates seeking to enter into managerial positions as well as for researchers who are involved in projects.
  • Entrepreneurs starting a venture may also benefit greatly from this project management training course.
  • Our training course is also intended to meet the educational need of project managers across all levels.
  • Any individual who might need the skills to carry out project management activities in his or her job duties
  • Members working in a team who want to improve their understanding of project management so that they can effectively interact with the top level management or project managers
  • Also for those who are not much into project management, but still looking to manage small to medium sized projects

How is the Course Taught in Training Nepal?

Training Nepal has developed a special course for individuals and organizations that require the knowledge and skills of applying tools, and techniques to carry out the project in the most effective and efficient manner. We introduce the trainees with important methods and tools such as Gantt charts, part, brainstorming, critical path analysis, and so on. The use of appropriate tools can be beneficial for every project manager because the use of such tools and techniques can be extremely helpful for the completion of the wide range of tasks within a single project. This course is designed to cover total project life cycle, gradually moving from the basic level to knowledge implementation while still allowing time and space for trainees to grasp the knowledge, understand, and develop necessary tools on their own. During the training, emphasis will also be given to estimation techniques and task allocation and resource management, allowing trainees to cover managerial and planning jobs simultaneously.

Why Project Management Course at Training Nepal?

With our course, you should be able to build strong foundation regarding the concepts related to project management involving all stages of initiating the project to planning, executing, controlling, and finally closing. In addition, you will get opportunities to learn, develop and instantly implement the strategies, models in a specific sample project that you have been assigned during the training. Here, at training Nepal, we make an effort to help the trainees acquire an edge over others who have not undergone basics at project management and equip them for the demands of the evolving complex business environment.

Our project management covers a wide range of topics such as defining the project scope, developing a project plan, determining project risk, and managing diverse projects through effective scheduling and controlling. Through our training program, we intend to help the individuals become professional project managers who can also look to reducing project risks, and at the same time be able to overcome interruptions and complete the project under time and budget constraints.

Learning Outcome

At the completion of the training at Training Nepal, trainees will be able to manage or deliver successful projects as per the objectives and goals. The trainees will develop knowledge of necessary tools and best practices and will have strategies and models to implement them. During the training, emphasis will also be given to estimation techniques and task allocation and resource management, allowing trainees to cover managerial and planning jobs simultaneously.

In general, trainees should be able to grasp the fundamental knowledge of what a project management is all about, and at the same time be able to get involved in a professional project management. Further, one should also be capable enough to initiate a project, make estimations related to cost and schedule, plan for risk and change management, and finally control and monitor the entire project.

Besides, Training Nepal also welcomes individuals who are looking forward to making their career in Human Resource Managment. Training Nepal has been conducting the HR Training with our expert and experienced trainers in the field of Human Resource Managment.



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