Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is an art, an art of confidently expressing ideas and views in a systematic, eloquent, and structured manner all the while persuading the listeners to endorse your ideas and views. And, who doesn’t yearn for having the skills of flawless public speaking? Business organizations require individuals who are quite resourceful in public speaking, career progress depends upon your public speaking abilities, and personal development is only half-done without acquiring such public speaking competencies. However, not all of us are born with such built-in skills; we have to harness the art, the skills in us.

Effective communication and public speaking abilities are vital in every aspect of professional and social life situations. Whether it be for meetings with subordinate staffs, reporting to higher level managers, presentation to external parties, conferences, or formal meetings – the proficiency to speak clearly and convey a convincing message is crucial. Recruiters often look for public speaking skills as much as written communication skills when they are looking to assemble professional managers in an organization. Improved spoken communication skill is, therefore, an added advantage if you are looking to advance your professional career and leadership position.

What Are the Objectives of This Course?

  • To teach and demonstrate the techniques to handle fear, anxiety, and nervousness while speaking before the public.
  • To help you find your authoritative voice and confidence for professional acumen
  • To compose well-structured speeches, presentations, and business messages
  • To reinforce emotional intelligence in order to be able to handle difficult conversations
  • To teach the ways to dispatch a convincing message, and inspire others into action
  • To teach the approaches to generate ideas/content, structuring a message, maintaining body language, non-verbal cues, and eye-contact
  • To help the trainees over common problems such as lack of confidence, inappropriate body language, plagiarism issues, and so on
  • To focus on every aspect where the trainees can find room for improving their public speaking abilities, and overcome the limitations by letting go of old habits, and fears that hinder them from communicating in an effective way

Who Can Join the Course?

This public speaking training course is ideally suited for managers, CEO and other such professionals who need to constantly give speeches or conduct formal/informal presentations in their work settings. Team leaders, social workers, teaching professionals, and marketing professionals can also greatly benefit from this training regardless of their status or work experience.

In addition, this public speaking training course is suitable for anyone required to speak or make presentations within an organization or in public. The program is designed for people who want to conduct effective speeches and develop their presentation skills to the level one had set.

Besides, for the individuals who opt for the dedicated presentation skills training, we have been running classes and training programs for that one too and the results are rewarding.

All in all, we can act for corporate organizations, government, and small to medium-sized business enterprises.

How is the Course Conducted?

  • During the training, you will be taught the fundamental concepts of public speaking, the essentials, and pitfalls. These sessions should build up a stable foundation for improving your level of confidence in spoken communication.
  • Further, you will design and deliver your presentations which will be recorded for analysis. Your presentation will be explored on the basis of persuasiveness, clarity, body language, humour, vocal modulation, use of analogy, and the use of authentic information. You will also be provided with audio-visual lectures consisting of famous speeches provided by prominent leaders in various sectors during the training. Furthermore, you will have a chance to directly discuss your opinions and ideas with experts in course of your training period.
  • We make arrangements for providing a rich and exclusive learning experience through group discussion, role play, visualization, written exercises, extempore, and conversation activities.
  • All the sessions we conduct hinge upon an efficiently designed course. On the way to improving public speaking abilities through our training program, trainees can obtain feedback through self-assessment activities, from peers, trainer or through a videotaping and playback. Finally, we also conduct a personalized coaching session for professionals who wish to achieve individual goals in the areas of public speaking and confidence building.

Why Public Speaking Training at Training Nepal?

If you are looking for an opportunity where you can develop skills for flawless, confident and persuasive public speaking, be assured you have come to the right place. We, training Nepal, have developed a course that will incorporate the essence of public speaking, confidence building, voice modulation, attentive focusing, and idea expressing.

Training Nepal specializes in guiding the trainees to refine their knowledge, skills, and intelligence with regard to public speaking proficiency. We focus on building up artistry for formal/informal presentations, and interactive sessions. Further, we also guide trainees to fortify their confidence level, critical awareness, listening capabilities, and nerve controlling abilities. Our public speaking training has been designed to enhance your speaking as well as listening skills for more effective communication in social, educational, and professional settings.

Our courses are fully interactive and are not solely based on adapting techniques for handling nerves – fear, anxiety, and uneasiness. We understand that some people are more than just a little bit tense when it comes to speaking in before the mass. So, our training program adjusts to personality and specific requirements of each individual concerned. Regardless of your position, and level of experience, we are able to tailor a customized course to meet the needs of each trainee who decides to participate in our public speaking training course.

Learning Outcome

This course intends to get you to the point where you can confidently raise your voice, and deliver a telling message to your audience in an enthusiastic and competent manner. After successfully completing our public speaking training program, you will:

  • Increase your fluency and improve your dynamics of spoken communication skills
  • Develop your listening skills, and understand the elements of a good speech
  • Explore language and broaden your range of vocabulary
  • Exhibit a good command over spoken communication in a professional context or work settings in an organization
  • Compose and deliver a meaningful speech that is clear, convincing, and understandable
  • Deliver messages by projecting a confident and credible image
  • Learn to deliver an effective message through continuous interaction with the crowd, and keeping your audience engaged
  • Think and speak coherently and confidently before an audience
  • Overcome fear, anxiety, and any other such resistances which may have bottled up your public speaking abilities for a long time



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