RedHat Certified Engineer RHCE

Redhat Certified Engineer RHCE

We offer Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) course, in which the candidates will be certified in red hat products and Linux systems. These certification programs follow result based screening systems in which the candidates passing the certification course will be titled the degree. To pass certification course a candidate has to sit for a live and practical exam. The certification enables employers a credible way of determining skilled professionals and empowers professionals to prove their skills and boost their career growth. These days, RHCE is becoming very popular certification programs among it and even some non-it students.

Course Objective: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

The main objective of this course can be listed as:

  • Prepare students in such a way that they become a Red Hat Certified Engineer.
  • Build skills in individuals to run a Linux system as an administrator
  • Produce Linux skilled employees
  • Increase job opportunities in global it industry

Who Can Join the Course?

This course is for any individual who wants to build up Linux administrators skill to manage Linux networks in organizations. College graduates can join this course and make a career in networking if CCNA is not any appealing for them. Also, professionals who want to build practical skills in Linux with a prestigious certification are encouraged to take this course.

RHCSA professionals are also recommended to take this course and grasp senior level job opportunities. Professionals having system administrating job can take this course as it provides credibility in the form of a certificate.

Prerequisites: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

Prior to RHCE, the red hat certified system administrator degree is required for obtaining the RHCE title. However, the candidate may choose to first pass RHCE certification and then appear for RHCE. Being an advanced level course, prior knowledge of basic programming and familiarity with Linux systems is preferred for this course.

Teaching Methodology

The training course for RHCE is designed in such a way that the students gain productive learning and necessary skills. As the pace of the students is subjective, we make sure not a single student is left behind. We group classes based on the basic knowledge they possess. Similarly, extra classes are arranged to clear up the confusion. The practical approach in teaching helps student implement everything practically first before going ahead. The resources help students do so. In addition to it, regular assignments and class tests are conducted to check the proficiency of the students. We also conduct mock test ahead of the real exam to boost the confidence ahead of the exam. We provide in-depth knowledge about network installation and configuration, kernel, shell scripting, logging, hands-on knowledge of configuring, monitoring network will also be provided during the training. In addition, regular mock-up tests and feedback will be conducted to ensure students are geared up for the certification exam.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

Red hat certified engineering is an international level advanced course. Anyone who is seeking to be certified with RHCE must choose to prepare wisely. A minor lack or error could cause a huge waste of time and money for an inexperienced test taker. Here’s when training Nepal comes to the rescue. Training Nepal guides the students and makes them prepare well till the point you are fully confident to appear in the exam. Training Nepal assesses the student first and then categorizes the class such that the preparation is more effective. The class times are flexible based on the preference of students. The classrooms are also fully equipped. Training Nepal with its experience can help make students more skillful and able to not only pass the exam but gained sufficient knowledge about the related matter.

Learning Outcome: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

With this certification program, the candidate will develop advanced skills and knowledge to be able to work as a senior system administrator. It has also been responsible for increasing the confidence level of the certified individuals.

Scope and Opportunities: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

The RHCE certified individual has a great value. The certification shows that the skill one has is globally recognized and can be utilized in any part of the world.

To be more specific, we have come down to these points as the benefits of RHCE.

  • Validation of your skills and recognition in the industry globally.
  • Increase in job opportunities
  • Authority to use certification logo and title
  • Increase in knowledge, efficiency, and confidence.
  • Can become a member of various RHCE communities and a global member of red hat systems.

RHCE have been working on various organizations worldwide as administrators, system engineers, and so on. The red hat certified engineers have been earning from $46,000 – $140,000 annually depending on their jobs.


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