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Are you looking for an institute to get SAP training in Kathmandu valley? If yes then please do visit Training Nepal to know more about SAP training program. SAP training is designed for professionals from various sectors who are willing to develop themselves into a competent individual with skills to meet their strategic goals.

System Application and Product in data processing or SAP are used by the business organization of large to small-sized to manage and configure financial data and business operation. The SAP training combines the knowledge of business essential, human resource management, and database management. The SAP is an enterprise software that is used for business management and creating a data warehouse. The list of SAP courses that are available can be divided into following categories:

  • Financial
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Application development (ABAP)
  • Business intelligence

Our classes are conducted at a flexible hour to accommodate your timing. The classes are taught by professionals with years of experience of using SAP software in various discipline and fields. The course content is carefully designed to match your career paths and cover the current trends in the market. Every SAP course provides a concept of business processes along with simulations and evaluations.

Objective: SAP Training Course

The main objective of the SAP training course is to enhance the skill of the students professionally. The course also aims to:

  • Enhance the business management skill of the student.
  • Teach the student to install and operate the SAP software.
  • Teach the students functionality of SAP software.
  • To enable the students to analyse a problem and think critically about the solution.

Who Can Join the SAP Training Course?

  • College graduates from various majors who want to learn and develop their skills in SAP.
  • Job seekers who want to learn SAP to get better employment opportunities.
  • Professionals who want to develop their SAP skills and excel in the organizations.
  • Managers and project heads who want SAP training to attain the predetermined organizational goals.

Scope and Opportunities

In the present context, the popularity of the SAP is very high. The SAP is being used by the corporation of large scale or small scale. Organizations are seeking to hire professionals with SAP training and experience. The business world is changing and SAP is a vital part of it. Organizations are impressed by professional skills and career portfolio than by just a degree. The recent surveys show that the salaries of SAP experts were raised by 23% in the last year. This show how important it is for organizations to hire and retain SAP experts and consultants.

Students after completion of the training program are able to create information warehouses, design input portals, and access data tables. SAP software allows students to attain managerial and human resource skills through the training program while also getting acquainted with necessary software programming skills to assist in various aspects of running a business.

Besides, Training Nepal has also been conducting HR Training for the individuals who wish to enhance their managerial skills.


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