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Search Engine Optimisation Course

Search Engine Optimisation, abbreviated as SEO, is an important characteristic of a good website. Today it is a generation of digital marketing, no matter where you are located, what you do if you are visible on the internet, you are sure to get business. SEO is one of the processes of marketing on the internet and perhaps the most important way of digital marketing. One of the major objectives of developing a website is that it will convert website visitors to the customer. But if a website does not rank higher in search engines, then there are fewer chances that the visitors would find the website, which reduces the probability of bringing customers to your door.

If you are looking to get on top of Google and other search engines, you need to learn and work on optimizing your website according to search engine guidelines. The SEO training course is regularly revised because the guidelines prescribed by search engines are updated timely.

In the SEO training, we will explain to you what you can do yourself that is beneficial for your website. Having a basic understanding of SEO techniques will help you to understand what steps you need to take to outrank competitor’s website. The training will also enable you to evaluate and decide your SEO strategies. If you can optimize your website yourself, you can save lots of money which you would have to spend hiring an SEO expert or SEO company. Even if you have hired an SEO company to work on optimizing your website you can observe the techniques they use to promote your website.

Objectives of Learning SEO

  • To build confidence and the better understanding of how crawling, indexing and ranking work in google, bing, and other search engines.
  • Learning various strategies, tips, and techniques used for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • To implement the concepts learned during SEO training for the ranking website on top on Google, Bing and other popular search engines.

 Who Can Join the Course?

  • College graduates who want to be SEO expert.
  • Web developers who want to develop implement SEO on their websites.
  • Web developers who want the edge over their competitors.
  • Freelance web developers who are willing to learn SEO.
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses with websites who can’t afford to hire an SEO expert.

SEO Course Syllabus

The SEO course syllabus is frequently updated due to changes in the Google algorithm and the newer techniques that Google introduces to index and rank the websites. The course syllabus presents on the website are just an overview of the fundamental techniques used in Search Engine Optimisation. Please contact our training centre to get the detailed course syllabus on SEO course.

Introduction to SEO

We begin by explaining what is web development, what is SEO and how SEO can impact your website visibility in popular search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. Following questions are answered during the introduction section of the SEO.

  • What is a search engine?
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Analysing website visibility in search engines

On-page SEO Techniques

Before implementing SEO techniques in HTML tags, we begin with the introduction of HTML and provide knowledge on various HTML tags and teach the relevance of the tags in web designing and development.

  • Overview of HTML tags
  • Knowledge of using HTML tags
  • Writing better title tags
  • How to write good meta description and meta keywords
  • How to write good alt text
  • Heading tags
  • URL optimisation
  • Website architecture
  • Internal linking strategies
  • Keyword research
  • Www vs. Non-www

Off-page SEO Techniques

Off-page SEO technique has to be carefully implemented as it has the chances of a negative impact on the current ranking of your website.

  • What is page rank?
  • How to increase page rank?
  • Link building and directory submission
  • Blog and article submission

Content Guidelines and Strategy

In this section, you will learn about the various guidelines on creating content that Google will love and readers will be engaged in.

  • Content optimisation
  • Duplicate contents, and  scraped content
  • Panda and Penguin effect

Using Tools to Evaluate and Analyse Website

  • Google Webmasters and Google Analytics.
  • Other advanced tools


The teachers here are SEO experts and have teaching as well as professional experience in SEO. The course syllabus is designed to help the students learn and use the knowledge as a professional. The students will learn how to implement SEO techniques on websites (new and old). The students will also learn about the unethical practices of SEO that need to be avoided.

The Search Engine Optimisation course time period will be approximately 1 month. The students will be separated into small groups according to their skill set. The students will have plenty of time to interact with the instructor and ask questions to clear any confusions. We also provide fast-track training on SEO, where the course will be completed in approximately one week. Revision classes will be provided to the students who have trouble understanding in the class.

Why This Course at Training Nepal?

  • Training Nepal has staffs at the professional level who are SEO experts.
  • Our SEO training course syllabus is constructed in a way in which the candidates can use it and see the results in real time.
  • We have labs with advanced computer facilities and equipped with high-speed internet connection.
  • We provide training that is job oriented to the candidates so that what they learn will be used in a work environment.
  • Our class hours are flexible and can be adjusted according to your need.

Learning Outcome: Search Engine Optimisation

After the completion of the training course, the trainees will be able to help business organizations and personnel to get their probable clients. The trainees will be able to develop great websites that will be used to increase the number of users who use and visit the website.

Scope and Opportunities

Search Engine Optimisation plays an important part in increasing sales and growth of the online based business. On internet-based digital marketing, SEO has a huge scope as the majority of companies are switching to internet-based marketing and social media marketing. The web industry is growing on a daily basis and SEO is a vital aspect of bringing users to the websites. The demand for SEO professional will increase as the web industry grows. Companies are spending the considerable amount of money on internet marketing and social media marketing. The trainees after the completion of the training can seek to follow any of the career paths mentioned below:

  • Writing/ blogging
  • Web developer
  • SEO consultant
  • Marketing consultant
  • Social media analyst

The average salary for SEO professional in the USA is $40,315 per year. Whereas in India, an SEO expert earns Nrs. 281,272 per year.

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