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SQL server certification is a database related certification provided by Microsoft. This certification builds the skills necessary to efficiently run the critical database using SQL server. The following are the three main levels of SQL server certification you can specialize on.

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
    this is the foundation level certification that deals with the fundamentals of the database. In order to earn this certification, you need to pass the exam titled ‘database fundamentals’.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
    this certification helps you develop professional level skills to handle critical environments and qualifies you for the job roles like database analyst or developer. In order to earn this certification, one has to pass the following exams.
    1. Querying Microsoft SQL server 2012
    2. Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases
    3. Implementing a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL server 2012
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert(MCSE)
    this certification demonstrates that you have that skill to become a globally acclaimed it professional. This helps you build a career on

    1. Data Platform
      this area focuses on building skills to create data solutions for enterprise-level. You can work as database analyst and database designers after earning this certification. In order to get this, the following exams need to be passed.

      • Querying Microsoft SQL server 2012
      • Administering Microsoft SQL server 2012 databases
      • Implementing a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL server 2012
      • Developing Microsoft SQL server databases
      • Designing solutions for SQL server
    2. Business Intelligence
      this area focuses on the skills to design, build and activate solutions through the organization. You can work as a BI and Reporting Engineer. In order to get this certification, you need to pass the following exams.

      • Querying Microsoft SQL server 2012
      • Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases
      • Implementing a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL server 2012
      • Implementing data models and reports with Microsoft SQL server
      • Designing business intelligence solutions with Microsoft SQL server

Objectives of the Course

  • To provide students with the knowledge to run SQL server smoothly by writing smart queries.
  • To develop strategies to handle problems and recover from disasters.
  • To develop skills in students to become a useful employee.
  • To organize the database in a proper manner for basic and complex systems.

Who Can Join the Course?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to make a professional career in the field of IT, particular in the database. Students who are on the verge of starting their career in the database are encouraged to join. The people who want to write queries and wants to improve their database knowledge can also join the course. There are no such prerequisites essential for this course. The beginners can start through MTA and gradually increase their level following the more advanced course based on your preference.

Training Nepal also runs MS-Access Course for the students who wish to learn relational database along with the SQL Server course. However, Ms-Access is only feasible for small projects as bigger projects require much space, object , nd concurrent users, which is barely supported by Ms-Access .

SQL Server Course Training at Training Nepal

We provide you with the training to help you achieve certification provided by Microsoft. This training helps students to write SQL queries in SQL servers. We provide you with all the necessary materials to become an expert on the server. We not only help you with the exams but also help you to gain knowledge on handling database efficiently. If you want to become an expert, we will help you from the beginning the help you maintain the right amount of knowledge you need to become one. The frequent assignments and mock test we take have been very useful for students. Extra classes are also provided for students. We prepare our students not only for the exam but for the real-life work scenarios.

Scope and Opportunities

The career in SQL is ever growing. Since the systems and network are getting more advanced day by day, writing smart queries has become an integral part of the IT development and hence who can do that efficiently are in great demand. The Microsoft certification demonstrates the guaranteed skill of a person which ensures the person has an edge over non-certified ones. The expertise in the server (SQL) has a great future in global it industry. They have been found working in various important job roles like Systems Administrator, network administrator, database analyst, database designer and so on. The certified professionals have been found earning between $44,429 and $110,757 depending on the job role and the position of the company. The popularity of the certification is growing rapidly.


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