Sun Certified Java Professional SCJP Course

Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) Course

Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) course is a performance-based certification for developers who are interested in building an advanced skill in the Java programming language. A certification from sun microsystem can work wonders for your career and boost your potential as a programmer. The accuracy of the certification can be trusted as the verified skills are matched with the skills that can lead to increased productivity and advanced staff credibility. Plus, it provides a front seat to enter larger markets. Earning a sun java technology certification exhibits your technical skills and professional dedication.

Who Can Join Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) Course?

This course is for everyone willing to flourish their career as a professional Java developer. For those who are from a non-it background, can come and take this advantage to learn and become a java expert. Training Nepal helps students to cover the basic knowledge needed for the course. Similarly, it students are also encouraged to join the institute in order to fill their knowledge gap and get advanced and practical knowledge. This is a plus point for them to compete in the market. It is also beneficial for students willing to do a useful project as a part of their academic works.

Teaching Methodology

What makes training Nepal different from the most institutes is the practical approach in the teaching style that is clearly student-based. Since not all students have the same speed of grasping the knowledge, Training Nepal conducts classes the way it can match the pace of the students. It groups classes accordingly. The course is taught by expert professional instructors with years of experience. The classrooms at our institute are well equipped with everything required for the course. The training time is also available in various shifts of the day. Similarly, the knowledge gained is tested regularly in the form of class tests and assignments. Training Nepal also makes sure students understand the needs of the market and work accordingly.

Why Training Nepal for Java Training in Kathmandu?

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world today. Over 3 billion devices run with it and it is used as a major language to develop most applications. SCJP assures you have the right skill and ability to become a java developer. Training Nepal computer institute has been actively operating to develop the state of information technology in Nepal and creating sun certified java developers also fulfill the criteria. Training Nepal debunks the myth that one has to be from the IT academic background in order to become a good programmer by producing skillful programmers for quite a time. Similarly, SCJP course at training Nepal is also for it students who want to grow further and expand their knowledge into it. Students applying abroad can also take this opportunity to broaden their knowledge and compete in the global market.  So if you are someone with or without an academic background in it, and wants to make a successful career as a developer, training Nepal computer institute is for you.

Learning outcome

At the completion of this training through our institute, you will have gained credibility as a certificate and built a strong foundation of knowledge on Java application development. During the training, you will be assigned to develop some applications which will also add to the merit of your portfolio. In addition, you can always further refine your knowledge by joining other higher level certification courses in java whose prerequisites is SCJP.

The following are the certifications for java technologies provided by the sun:

  1. Java Platform, Standard Edition(Java SE)
    • Sun certified java associate
    • Sun certified java programmer
    • Sun certified java developer
  2. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition(Java EE)
    • Sun certified web component developer
    • Sun certified business component developer
    • Sun certified developer for java web services
    • Sun certified enterprise architect
  3. Java Platform, Micro Edition(Java ME)
    • Sun certified mobile application developer

Scope and opportunities: Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) course

Becoming a sun certified java programmer has some major advantages. Here’s why!

  • Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today.
  • Higher earning potential
  • Higher advantages over non-certified professionals
  • Address knowledge and skill gaps

Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) course has an international value. It makes you stand out among others in any country of the world, Nepal is not an exception. Sun certified Java programmers have been working in various organizations in higher ranks globally. The statistics have shown they have been earning from $55000-$140000 annually.


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