VMware Training

VMware Training

The VMware training helps to build the skills to handle VMware environments. Virtualization is highly used in it today and this training will help students from the beginning to the point they become an expert in virtualization. We, with our experience in technical courses and rich resources, will make sure you capitalize on this training course.

Course Objective

  • To fully explain the concept of virtualization.
  • To make students learn and use Vsphere.
  • To teach to configure virtual networking.
  • To teach students to manage and develop virtual machines.
  • To develop a strong foundation of students to pursue other advanced and similar courses.

Who Can Join This Course?

This course has been designed for individuals who are willing to build a career in the field of virtualization. Also, this course can be helpful for those who are thinking of taking advanced courses in the field of virtualization.

Prerequisites: VMWare Training

In order to take this course, an experience in Microsoft Windows or Linux as a system administrator is essential.

VMware: Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to virtualization
  • Understanding infrastructure of datacenter
  • Installation of ESXi server
  • Virtual machine concepts
  • Virtual machine creation & management
  • Configuring and managing storage
  • Configuring storage
  • VMFS datastore
  • VSA
  • Virtual networks
  • Standard virtual switch policies
  • Install & configure vcenter server
  • VM migration
  • VMware clusters high availability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Host scalability (drs cluster)
  • Patch management
  • Data protection
  • Access and authentication control
  • Resource management and monitoring
  • Scheduled tasks, events & alarms
  • Vsphere web client
  • VMware vShield endpoint
  • Advanced topics: distributed switch
  • VMware vcenter standalone converter
  • Up-gradation of server
  • Using command line interface to manage vsphere
  • ESXi
  • Troubleshooting virtual interface

Scope and Opportunities: VMWare Training

The VMware certified professionals have good career prospects. Most of the companies in the world need technicians for support so the individuals who have the skill in virtualization are highly in demand. People with this knowledge work as systems administrators, senior systems engineer, solutions architect and so on. They have been earning between $45,976 to $116,077 in the US. Similarly, the opportunity of earning is equally high in most countries of the world.

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